Bandit’s reinforced jack - loot

Anyone get this ‘fancy’ bandit armor?

minor spoiler

There’s an enemy outside the inner gate in the conquest of Vranik that has it. Haven’t seen anyone other NPC or vendor inventory with it

If you’ve found it elsewhere, pls share location. Really wish more of the new high level bandits wore this.

I’ve found it on quite a few bandits…

Any specific spawn points?

The dark plate-armour jack appears a lot but have only found this one once

I think it was at the last few bandit camp clearings and several roadblocks
but don’t believe me 100% i might just be remembering wrong

Isn’t a plate jack a bit of an antique by then and not common along with Radzig Viking era armor?
True , plate jacks were used till the 16th century but not as common.

@longshot300mag interesting question. to me a central problem is what did bandits wear… to me, the game undoubtedly takes artistic license beyond the soldier/nobility armor that many have discussed here in other forums. official histories were created by the ruling class and their supporters (e.g. scribe at Rathaus). not sure there’s any written history of banditry armaments in medieval Bohemia

@frelmedieval if you wanted to you could compare the Noble bandits of England to the game. Rich noble sons and nobles in gangs robbing, killing, and mayhem. One even a clergy!
I doubt they were poorly equipped

yes, nobles scrimped for coin and at times had to resort to crime. (mentioned in the game more than once). makes perfect sense. many of these bandits seem more like organized crime syndicates … Vranik.
many of the run of the mill bandits seem heavily armed, perhaps too heavily if one want to think about plausibility. not complaining just an observation. where did they get their armaments? haven’t seen any bandit smithy. heck, can’t even sell hot goods to smiths so the idea they’re moonlighting to create weapons and armor to rob their fellow citizens seems odd.

guess it just boils down to game mechanic: there hasta be a source for good loot in the game. and details of the where and how the bandits were supplied would be just extra unnecessary coding?

It’s why I wish both Pribyslavitz and Vranik had a smithy hut and remained open at basal operations level (respawned NPCs). Then, the plausibility just changed, and the bands of Cuman and bandits that appear at various places across the map make more sense. They’re away from their base out on a mission

To preserve the narrative of KCD, keep the numbers relatively light after the sacking. And, if one wants to maintain the (false) appearance of more realism, have them be more skittish.

A really simple change can make this already contrived landscape (remember Skalitz was sacked in Mar when foliage is sparse) have more internal consistency

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If you’ve found it elsewhere, pls share location.

See the map for the location of the bandit camp where I looted one of them,
he had this armor. Was a nice surprise!


Thanks. Been to that spawn point a couple times before 1.4.3 but didn’t see/get that armor. Will try again

The jacket is rare but I soon discarded it, because you can’t wear it with any arm armour.

In another playthrough I got if from a bandit in the camp just a bit north of the one on the map.

Thx. I know where Henry’s going when I can get back to KCD

I got 2 of them just recently. One in Vranik, the other of some bandit in a large group on a road

Have one too. Close to the spot in OP.
There is a double camp.