"Baptism by Fire" Rant

The mission “Baptism by Fire” is a poorly-designed nightmare that is almost impossible to complete. It exemplifies everything that is wrong with Kingdom Come. The game is clearly not designed to handle large-scale battles with multiple NPCs, given the sheer amount of glitches and AI oddities that occur throughout the mission (and that’s saying a lot considering the game’s reputation for glitches). The mission is way too hard even with improved weapons and equipment, and the only time I’ve ever beaten it was through sheer luck.

First, you fight a ton of guys that are all better armed and armored than you. Then you fight a ton of guys that are all better armed and armored than you. THEN YOU FIGHT A TON OF GUYS WHO ARE ALL BETTER ARMED AND ARMORED THAN YOU. Then you fight Runt. All without being able to properly heal or save. That is ridiculous. And don’t even get me started on the archers. I’m sick of hearing Radzig yell at me to “deal” with the archers. WTF am I supposed to do? Kill them all by myself? Yeah, I’d be lucky to cut down two before they light me up and kill me. And isn’t it great that even though archery for the player is infuriatingly sluggish and difficult, the enemy seems to have impeccable aim?

In KCD, going up against more than two enemies at a time is practically a death sentence unless you’re kitted out like a damn paladin. So whose bright idea was it to throw young Henry into a hornet’s nest of heavily armed soldiers? It doesn’t even make sense from a story perspective. Why on earth would Radzig and Robard throw an untrained, underequipped Henry into the middle of the fray knowing full well that he’d easily be killed? He’s not a soldier, and he’s already nearly lost his life to these thugs already. It would have made more sense if Radzig had ordered Henry to stay at Talmberg again, but he escapes (again) and rides into the battle, where there would be fewer soldiers to deal with since the battle is already raging. Sure it’s repetitive, but it’s better than being thrown to the wolves. Maybe he runs into Runt who’s been wounded and is escaping, and Henry has to chase him and fight him to the death after taking out his goons. I think that would have been a better way to go about it.

Another thing that grinds my gears is that the espionage and sabotage you do in “A Nest of Vipers” has no effect on the battle whatsoever. I scoured the entire camp and managed to both burn the arrows and poison the food, and even though Henry noted that there was a path that would be great for a surprise attack, no matter what, Radzig always takes his men over the bridge. Every time. And there are always a ton of soldiers and a ton of archers which makes me feel like the sabotage did absolutely nothing. What’s up with that? Why even put that in if it has no significant effect on the battle? And why even present the option of a surprise attack when the game puts you on the same battle path every time? It’s a false sense of variety that is antithetical to what a good RPG is supposed to be.

What’s more, the win/loss conditions seem to play by their own rules. The “You’ve lost too many men” failure is frustrating as hell, since it seems to appear out of nowhere even if there are still a ton of men on the field. And because of that failure condition, you can’t just sit back and let the AI take each other out. I know that’s not what you’re supposed to do, but the combat in the mission is so broken and frustrating that it’s the viable alternative. But what’s even worse is when the game just flat out fails the mission by saying “You have lost the battle”. No indication as to how I lost, it just fails for literally no reason. I’ve noticed it often happens after clearing the Cuman camp. Sir Radzig will run after the archers like an idiot while the rest of the men stand around with their thumbs up their arses, and when they finally get moving and I’m about to leave the Cuman camp, the wagon that was blocking the entrance magically reappears and I fail the mission. That is some grade-A bull right there. It’s bad enough to fail because you keep dying because you’re either underequipped, being ganged up on by heavily armored bandits, or take a stray arrow to the face just when you’re about to win. But the fact that the mission will just fail for no damn reason is beyond enraging.

I hate this mission. I hate everything about it. I am currently stuck on it in my second major playthrough, and have been trying for days to beat it. The last time I beat it was through sheer luck. The patches clearly changed some elements of the mission, and while I don’t know if they made it more difficult, I do know that I am not having fun playing this game as long as I’m stuck on this mission. I don’t hate KCD, in fact I think it’s one of the better RPGs in recent times. But this mission puts on display all that is wrong with the game. It’s infuriatingly difficult, plagued with glitches, and just flat-out unenjoyable. I know there’s probably not much the devs or anyone can do about it, seeing as it’s vital to the story (supposedly), but I needed to get this off my chest because I was about to punch a hole through my screen, I was so mad.

Oh and fun fact, I never beat the whole game, my first playthrough got wiped by some electronic BS along with half the stuff on my hard drive. So I don’t know if this is the hardest mission in the game, but it certainly feels like it.


well i read your book , honestly its shocking to hear you say you’ve been stuck on it for days. it took me about 4 maybe 5 hours to beat it. im sure you also figured it out as well, to save the game right before you talk to sir divish when you have to go to talmberg to start the quest. this imo is one of the best times i had in the game. i loved it. but i also just ride around looking for combat almost everyday. you have to be playing on a console to be having such a hard time i am guessing and on hardcore. also when im fully geared out with the best stuff 5 v 1 is about the best i can do. Yes you are supposed to kill all the archers and that could be why your constantly failing(if your not killing them). that part wasnt hard at all for me sry, but they all have on light armor and were pretty easy for me to just bum rush them or just shoot them quickly with arrows. runt was pretty hard. i at 1st spent the 1st 2 hours just trying to make it to runt and figuring out a regular routine to get me there. then it got to the point where id make it to runt every time but he’d beat my ass. then finally it happened i finally kicked the shit outta him. it might took me hours to do but i still enjoyed it because it was way more challenging then the 1st 3 times i beat the game in non hardcore.


I successfully did this mission 2x on 2 different Play lines AND @ 5-11 fps. and runt fight and killed him at about 12-20. I killed the archers, after I read about it I set fire to the hay pile which brought the Cuman archers to melee. I attacked anything in black and cuman. No fancy moves only swinging mostly at heads and backs ( no mean feat at my fps.) I was wearing lvl 25 plate, 17 mail, 17 kettle helm, use poisoned mace and heavy shield , powerful bow with better piercing arrows. At the pause of the runt fight just before it starts I took rage and Lazarus potions, 1st time I literally punched him to death, at the second run the poison, buffs, mace. high strength and potions helped and good armor. I watched my stamina not letting it drop no more than 1/3. I had the max number of men show up too and backed them up as much as I could. again @ 5-11 fs.

You musta have been poorly prepared and not high enough level and training to do this mission .

If on pc Use mods for bow dot, robinhood for the buffs aside from other thing., use modded bane poison.
I use what I call a “real war bow”: capon’s modded hunting bow @ 110 but the 77 yew bow will also serve.


Beat it first try on Hardcore, lvl 10 wasn’t even using the best gear available. Sorry you had problems.

Combat Jacket, Saxon Gambeoson, Chainmail, padded legs, brigandine leggings, noble boots, common bascinet helm, padded coif, head chain mail, and St. Micheal sword.

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you can absolutely use the bow dot mod, but imo thats just one more mod to have to worry about. i just use the console command (wh_pl_showfirecursor 1) . if your keen with a bow, you can always let the npc s fight and just use nothing but the bow. that will pretty much get you to runt every time and with pretty decent health. were you also able to do the potions in hard core fight with runt. i was able to do the potions right before the fight in non hardcore. but when i tried that in hardcore in 1.6 it would not work for me. i was always wondering if they fixed it or if maybe my timing was off.

I have not yet to do HC. The bow dot is a cfg file and as far as I can tell hasn’t interfered with anything.
In HC is there a short pause just before the runt fight without the gold crossed swords? That’s when you can take potions. The Pause is about 5-7 seconds and you hit inventory then and potion up.


Sorry lol, but I if anything found this battle to easy. You can heal yourself and use buff potions after you take the first camp just before you head up to the church and you can buff and heal in the few seconds before you take on runt. its best to deal with the archers in front the gate first, then head up the stone wall to deal with the archers on top (the ones sir Radzig is actually shouting about, as most people seem to miss them). medium armour on normal mode should be fine for this battle as well as a mid tier sword.

You can also hang back a little and let some of your soldiers inflict most damage and you just come in for the finishers. You just need a good strategy lol. it may take a few attempts but you will get the hang of it

Sound like you did not did not give Sir Radzig the correct description of the camp and the enemy.
If you did, then most of the mission pretty much succeed even with out you doing much to help win the fight.

Or you simply don’t use your head.

If you are to low level or poorly equip to fight in close combat… then dont’. Stay at a distance and use a bow.

The archers can be killed with a bow, as long as you move around and use cover.(and know how to shoot)

Or simply set fire to the hay… that will force the archers to draw swords and enter melee…

that is the great thing about this game. Many missions can be solved in more than one way.


The only difficulty I had in this quest was when I had to infiltrate, explore and sabotage the camp. I had to try a few times and use a savior schnapps during the infiltration to retry until I managed to explore (I think) most of the points, poison all the food, and burn all the arrow racks. I didn’t manage to do it all stealthy and for the last ones I had to run, create chaos and escape under a rain of arrows and shouting. That was actually quite great.

I told Radzig to ask Talmberg for reinforcements and the battle was easy, I stayed in a supporting role, flanking and attacking and backing while the soldiers did all the heavy fighting. Runt was challenging and a long fight, but I got him in the first try.

Overall a great experience.

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Mission was easy. Went to the right of the camp to a burnt out building that is on the boarder of the cuman camp. Picked up the set of armor there. Then explored the outer pramimater of the camp finding all of the attack points. Also scouted around the outside area of the camps to get an idea of how many soliders there were and the see what the turrian was like for battle. Then moved into the bandit camp first to scout out and the cuman camp afterwards. In the cuman camp there is some stairs that lead down underground that has water in there. I went down in there and waited till night. At night most of the soldiers were asleep so it made it easier to burn the arrows and poision their food.

Overall I spent about an hours worth of gameplay at the camp itself to make sure I hit all “quest markers” to get the best possible plan of attack. Unlike the beta trailer we seen, the game chooses how many men and where to attack for you depending on what you find.

Fight with runt was easy. I beat him with 3 or 4 attacks. After the neuhoft attack I spend a couple of hours training with Captian Robart and got my combat skills up to about level 15 on average. And went and got all of the warhorse armor from the aincent maps.

The mission is not all that difficult if you keep these in mind:

  1. It’s a battle, you’ll need skill and equipment, luckily the game gives you a great opportunity to get both for free. There’s a quest called “Ruin” given by Captain Bernard in Rattay, in which you have to destroy bandit camps and bring proof of conquest. This quest then continues with Sir Robard in Talmberg (fighting cumans) and Sir Sebastian in Sasau (bandits again). During this quest you’ll have the opportunity to level up your character and learn to fight when outnumbered. You will also collect very good gear including penultimate armor. You can get this quest as long as you complete “Train hard, fight easy”. Whenever you feel like your skill is lacking you can always grind some with captain Bernard.

  2. Battles are chaotic, which this quest shows adequately, to survive stay out of the center of events, engage only the enemies who are on the side, and adopt a defensive playstyle. If you jump into the middle of the fray you’ll be lucky to survive.

3.Camp defenses can be sabotaged in the prior mission “nest of vipers” you will either need very good stealth, or decent combat. Sabotaging arrows will reduce the number of archers during the battle, poisoning food pots will reduce the number of other footsmen.

  1. Runt is made to be a very strong opponent, so a defensive fighting style is also recommended there. If you fight grunt aggressively, he’ll most probably make use of his superior warfare, defence and sword skills to counter your attacks and follow up with deadly combo. Instead try to use master strikes against him. Aiming at the head (with bows or melee weapons) helps, because the game keeps track of whether a given part of the body is protected by armor,

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this mission is broken, instead being a milestone in the story it assesses your character build. Good fighters will find the fighting easier, good thieves will not find it hard to sabotage the camp before battle via stealth, good diplomats will find a groschen or two to buy a better armor and make their best to stay out of the fight like they always do. If you can’t use any of these three options i’m sorry, but you need to develop your character more.


Yes, that battle is difficult, especially if you haven’t acquired protective armor, or go into the battle with degraded armor. Several potions will also make it easier, if you have them.
You may have started that quest too soon. I could see where that would be a problem.
I avoided it for some time just to get my stats up, get better armor and to equip myself with several potions.

I’m presently playing another game that is not letting me get

I had reached the point of battle with Runt when the video was suppose to play, but the game at the time had a bug that caused the game to crash and exit to the XBox One main menu. Got to this point several times and that was very frustrating, but in my frustration, when the screen went black the last time, I pressed the “B” button and the video played and I was able to fight Runt. I lost to him at least three or four more times.

By this time, having to start the battle over so many times, I began to form a strategy on how to win the battle.
After I beat Runt, it was a bit of a let down, cause I found I enjoyed the battle, even though I was getting my ass kicked.

You might try loading a previous save and get the armor and potions you need to win this battle, and practice the sword mechanics with Capt. Robard.

I admit I Was as frustrated as OP and almost regretted buying the game because of this. Not because the fight was hard but because whatever I wanted to do, I couldn’t because of glitching or poor performance.

I ended up finishing the fights by hanging back and not doing much. Archers I shot with my bow, took a couple of attempts to not fall below half health and I killed Runt by fully charging two arrows through his eyesocket. I didn’t even bother moving against him, my poor mace and shield and crappy equipment meant I did no damage and took a massive beating. I also hadn’t yet learned master strikes or combos because I thought Bernard wouldn’t be available until after the baptism quest (I was wrong, he’s available after Ginger apparently)

What I wanted to do was to engage the archers in melee, and use them as cover against their allies. But the stairs are super glitchy. I can’t hit them even point blank from the stairs, and they just keep shooting me even up close when half their head clips through my camera. I also wanted to participate in the big combat but I could barely get any hits in with the abysmal performance I was getting. Finally I was looking forward to a proper duel with Runt but I was ill equipped to do that, and I would have never rushed ahead like Henry did, it went completely against ever fiber of my being with how I was playing Henry. Runt didn’t kill my parents, he only stole the sword. I get Henry was pissed but I was playing him as a smart fella who picked his fights carefully. This broke the immersion for me, I should have been given a choice whether to pursue or assist rather than just haphazardly walk into suicide (besides cheesing him with arrows). Overall this was the most disappointing quest and part of the game. Not just because of the bugs and poor performance, but because it could have been so much more epic than it ended up being. What a shame.

set the pile of hay near the ramp and the cuman wood wall alight ( need a torch in possession). It will cause the cuman archers to come down and melee.

Never happened to my Henry. Granted my approach to this RPG isn’t suitable for many. I was a battle spawn point sneaker until I could get adequate gear. That gear had the sole purpose of being traded in for groschen to purchase a high end horse (ie, Warhorse Jenda). Then, it was hit and run against battle spawn points until strength up and competent in melee weapon and archery. Only after that did I start nest and baptism. By then, Henry was kitted up as well as anyone else on the battlefield

I’m long past the quest now but I don’t recall anyone making mention of this in the middle of battle. Likely something to add for the future, Radzig should at least shout out the possibility when he makes you handle the archers (unless he already does and I’m deaf, which is just as likely)

Read about it in a thread. However if you happen to mouse over it even if at the scouting phase it will have a burn option but ( not sure) not light able then.

Good rpg are like that ; you need to be well prepared. Here are my hints :slight_smile:
Basics :
Do not rush into a bandit camp of course.
Wear good equipment, in good shape (repair).
Do not carry more than what you’re supposed to, and don not eat too much. It’s bad for the stamina/breath.
Watch your stamina before to attack ; it should be high enough since it’s like a shield.
Do not use a weapon that has higher stats than yours (strength, agility).
Git Gud ; stength level 1 to 5 try to fight against 1 enemy at a time only. Str level 6 to 10 against 2, and so on. Train with captain Bernard with a wooden sword, learn the combos, master strike, perfect block.

Try to lure one or 2 enemies at a time (whistle like shown at the beginning to save Theresa for example, then go 100 meters in a bush ; some soldiers will go to the direction where they heard the whistle).

During night, poison the food if you are “sneaky skilled” (wear dark, low noise, low consc/visibility clothes). Kill or stun one of the enemy if he is far enough from the others and sleeping.

Wen there is 2 or 3 enemies left, shoot an arrow on the first enemy, grab your sword, choose a narrow place (the cave in the first “Cpt Bernard” bandit camp or stairs or a cliff or with bushes/trees around) in order to have one or 2 enemies max against you,
then :
-clinch + attack
-perfect block + attack
(the attack can be a combo)

Watch the hardcore playthrough from the youtuber sparkleedge. (google sparkleedge kingdomcome)

Of course you can, but this weapon will deal less than nominal damage (debuff).

You can level your strenght and dexterity to 10 each and your defense to 20 (or a bit less) with very little effort at Captain Bernard.

You can fight numerous enemies at once, but you need to move in a way to counter their efforts at surrounding you. You also require a very strong weapon to thin their numbers fast. Getting cosy in a narrow place always leaves a chance for you to be surrounded from the rear or stunlocked in a clinch (the latter equals death).

This is dangerous, because it requires a “warfare” skill higher than that of your enemy (or else the enemy will overpower you in a clinch every time), and many enemies have ridiculously high warfare.

This works best, especially against very strong single opponent, or a group of opponents.

You can easily get second-best armor and some decent weapons doing quests for the local captains. The first one is so easy you can get it done with gear you loot from Skalitz (Skalitz Bailiff’s “Shard” sword, which is found in his hand when you revisit to bury your parents) and the basic armor you steal at Talmberg during the “Run!” quest (when talking to Lady Stephanie she’ll suggest you can sneak out disguised as a guard by stealing some basic armor from one of the easy locked chests at the armoury).