Baptism of fire again


I can not pass this mission, what should I do. I dont want to restart the game, because I have already finished so many quest.


Why? Bug or difficult part of mission?


How dis
How did you not pass it? details. By gameplay? System crash? black screened? What platform? What game level? what are your skill levels? Minimum level 11 and good late mid game gear and combat skill and perk at least 10


When I start the battle I just got “too many of your men died” but I lost no one


Do you play on PC? Do you use mods? Or have you used a trainer(to cheat)?
If you use mods, deinstall(or move) them and try again.


How much were you able to learn and sabotage in nest and how many enemies did you say were in Pribyslavitz?

Haven’t played all variations but would imagine if you didn’t learn and sabotage much and came in with a small force, the baptism mission might fail you no matter how valiantly you fought


For sure? THEN you headed in the wrong direction… head straight to the archers first, if you can’t kill them be a nuisance so they can’t aim properly at last, then head to the cumans camp until everyone of them are dead, then head to the bandits camp.

I think you shouldn’t loot, since you are lacking “something”, maybe you did bad scout/reporting or didn’t sabotaged at all.

Keep near or behind Robard or Radzig, they are unkillable too.


You want to pass the quest.Download a cheat mod.Use these commands and you can change the names and radius of kill zone.

Kill all bandits/cuman or whoever near the player:
cheat_kill_npc token:bandit radius:50
cheat_kill_npc token:cuman radius:50