Baptism of Fire - PC 1.9.1 Bandits are not enemies (Trainer)

Hi folks,

I got stuck at the Quest Baptism of fire because i used Fling Trainer for reputation. If I see it right the problem is that my reputation is around 67 in Prybislawice and the bandits are seen as my friends and not as enemies.

Is there any way to reset the reputation? I tried to manipulate the save file but I could not find the right line. Maybe some of you folks can help me so I dont have to start a new game.


Aint a bug if you are using a trainer or mod.

Moved it to modding but your comment is not helpful

Do you need a save?

I don´t think anybody can help you with the broken one…

thanks for the answer. do you have a save short before the battle you can provide me?

3 different Henrys (one hardcore)
Tested again… they work fine… :smile:

Thank you very much :grinning: