Beating Ulrich


Anybody have a hard time with Ulrich? I fought him over and over and over again getting my butt handed to me time and again until I found a way that beat him quick. He was tougher than Runt in my opinion, and I beat Runt in sword play, not the arrow way. To beat Ulrich, I poked him in the head with my sword. He goes down quick with head pokes. Trying to take him down with a sword is difficult since he is armored, so go for his head, that little pink target on his shoulders. BTW, I absolutely love this game. Lots of haters out there, but let them be haters. This game is easily one of the best I’ve played. Awesome job Warhorse!!


Head shots with a bow make his knees weak.


I followed him back to the inn, pickpocket him for the key to his chest and stole his armor. Then i met him under the tree by the pond and fought him, easiest fight of my life!(lel)


Wow, that’s interesting. Never thought of doing that. I suck at picking pockets. When I was going through training with the miller, I kept failing and he’d let me try again after I failed. The last time, I accidentally attempted it before he actually told me to try again, and even though I thought I was training with him, he reacted as though I really tried to pickpocket him and he called the guards. I had to hide in the weeds for a time, but that was my last pickpocket attempt. The miller let me down.


First before ever talking to Ulrich, I stole his armor from his lockbox at the inn, so when it came fighting in the mines he died right off. Plus I skipped most of this quest just by finding Rapota before even knowing of him.


That’s pretty cool too. That’s what so cool about this game. No two games are the same. My wife plays this along side me when I play, and she is doing completely different things than me.
I beat Ulrich just beyond the inn under the weeping willow. He had his gear in the mines, so we had a pretty easy fight in the mines. Actually, Ulrich did a pretty good strategy move there. When we first came on the mine entrance, he ran straight in, taking out those in the tunnel, and then we turned around and killed off the ones that followed us in. It was pretty easy in the mine shaft because they were limited with movement and we held them off in the narrow mine shaft.


Did you fight him at the inn or during the chase?
I find it easiest to just shoot his horse from under him during the chase to force him into combat and then just ride in circles around him while shooting him. And [SPOILER] if you didn’t know, after he goes on his knees for mercy during the fight you can talk to him and he’ll be on your side.


Actually, if you have your speech high enough, he’ll buy that you work for Radzig and work with you. After failing (and dying) a lot, I gave up and just started doing side quests. At one point, I came across the scene of an accident in the moaty area by the monastery – it glows yellow. getting close to the wreckage, I was able to mouse over a container that had a few things in it including a bard potion, which raises your speech. Now he’s my BFF.


Does he still charge off in his undies?