Been waiting a month for a reply to my email from Christian

I made a thread a couple weeks ago too and was told the admins, Christian I assume was made aware. Despite this still waiting for them to get back to me. I think this is the second email now that has taken over a month for me to get a response for.

Has anyone else had to wait this long for Warhorse to get back to them?

@DrFusselpulli respond to my email.

You realize that they get thousands of emails everyday and can’t reply to every single of them right?

Thank you for your insight!

@DrFusselpulli are you on holiday and unable to reply?

Bump. This is going to go on for months…

No idea who ‘Christian’ is.

I used to do tech support and CS for life saving equipment. Go to the ‘contacts’ page here and e-mail every single one of them. Stop waiting for “Christian”. For all you or I know he’s dead or has been fired.

Christian is DrFusselpulli or DrFusselpulli is Christian :wink:

EDIT: His last reply in forum was 2 days ago about 134 patchnotes…
I hope you will getting an answer soon :slight_smile:

Do you know any of the other staff’s usernames? Christian clearly doesn’t give a shit otherwise he would have replied to me already so I’m done with him.

I have some of them in my steam friend list but i dont know if every of them are still working at Warhorse. Maybe you can find a more reliable person for you from the weekly torch list.
But i suspect that Warhorse has a support mail that everyone of them can access.

The username is bewteen the real name, example:
43# Tobias “Tobi” Stolz-Zwilling, PR Manager

EDIT: Maybe someone from the community can help?
or is your question something about payments or waiting on physical versions, a refund?


Identifying him does not mean he isn’t dead or fired. If he is non-responsive, cut him out of your loop and look for another point of contact.

You have maybe some problems with dying or getting fired? Or why you repeat it! :smile: only siad it because it is weekend and maybe they all have her own life. Instead of writing the same you can post @'s with names to these other contacts for @Harry .
@TobiTobsen, @warhorse, @Hellboy, @Anna, @Woody

Because the goal of this thread is not to identify Christian. It is to help the OP

He could be Jesus or Superman but if his being non- responsive is an issue, knowing his Secret Identity isn’t worth a tinker’s damn. Since that seems to have escaped you for a moment, I repeated it. I’ll do it again if I feel like it, and without permission, as fair warning. I’m crazy like that.

Sorry but i thought Harry was the OP :smile:
And i’ve helped him instead of telling that there a possibility for a death or was fired

Why so angry? Yeah you can do it! Freedom of Speech. But not everytime it makes sense.

They’re all hiding out on Reddit on the KC:D subforum where it’s filled with fanboys showering them with praises. They seem to be avoiding these forums like the plague, burying there heads in the sand and hiding from the angry consumers. Try posting over there.

Heck, even the big man himself posts over there. CBF posting here.

No worries though. Bad Quality Assurance and terrible customer service is not a good thing for a fledgling indie. It’s on them.

Good luck. Hope you get your issue resolved.

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@Harry, sorry about the late answer. I forwarded your email to our Marketing Manager over a months ago on the 16th of February. I will do it again, if he didn´t came back to you yet. Sorry, for me the issue locked like solved, at least from my position. We still have a lot of requests.
I am sorry that I missed your requests here in the forum, I didn´t wanted to ignore you.

@rataj & @WeeScot, bitte, meine Herren, persönliche Angriffe sind keiner Konversation zuträglich.
Etwas weniger Beißreflex bitte.

Have you checked on the Marketing manager to see if he’s still alive? because we’re a week away from the two monthish mark now and still not a single peep from anyone. Can you understand that this isn’t acceptable and how frustrating this is? Two months mate… It’s got to the point where you’ve wasted so much of my time I pretty much want nothing to do with this fucking game.

Is anyone who works for Warhorse still alive?

Our Marketing Manager just came back from PAX east in boston today.

Maybe they are bugged. Sleeping 24h per day or stuck on some bush on the way from Boston to Prague because fasttravel is broken too…