Beggar’s feast....70 hares all at once, really?

Got this quest to deliver 70 (!!!) hare meat to Alex. All at once? I went across to the butcher, I’d much rather buy it for him than hunt 70 freakin rabbits… I don’t like shooting bunny rabbits and I suck at hunting anyway, I hate it really.
The butcher only sells 15, and when I bought them there was no option to give them to him.
So, is it because they were not hunted by Henry, or because he did not deliver 70 all at once? I suspect the latter because they were counted as 15/70 in the quest counter.

How could you possibly hunt 70 rabbits — even FIND 70 rabbits, and get the meat back to Alex before it spoiled?
I stomped around in those woods with Hans and only got 1. That’s…wait for it…ONE. I only saw 4. And that was the prime bunny-hunting spot. All the mushrooms I collected right before that spoiled by the time I got finished.

I can’t imagine even seeing, much less managing to shoot 70 bunnies and get them all back before they spoil. It sounds like some kind of joke on the player to see how long they can keep you out in the woods…lol…in an endless loop of rotting rabbits while hunting more…if 70 even exist in the game…

I’m sure some hunting savants out there have done this, or will say they have, but I can’t imagine it, and I have zero desire to try.
Can this be done any other way? Are there consequences for not doing it? Sucks that he says this will ‘save them from starving’…
Just when I was really starting to like this game, getting a handle on it…I get sucked into this one…no recent saves before falling into this quest…

It is not 70 hares. You can get dozens pieces of meat from a single hare if your skill is high enough.

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No, other than the quest being in your log, and not being able to do the rest of this quest chain. You don’t have to accept every pointless side quest.

It is probably 3-4 hares. Depending on luck (mildly) and your hunting skill (slightly more).

No more than 5 minutes work, either with a bow or Mutt if there are sufficient hares nearby when you start hunting.

Thanks, guys. My hunting skill is 1, and the one time I got a hare, I got 1 hare meat.

So, having accepted the quest by talking to Alex, it will not have consequences if I don’t do it?

How do you get a mutt, anyway? I haven’t come across the opportunity…

I have never seen fewer than 12 pieces of meat on a hare and up to 30ish.

If you have a single piece of meat, it is more likely that you collected it from a bandit. IMO.

Mutt requires “A Woman’s Lot”, and no mods which interfere with his functionality or the dialogues/quest progression. He will then be collectable from Teresa at the Rataje Mill fairly soon after Awakening starts (unsure of the exact timing, as I had progressed some way into the story in this current run before the dlc was released to backers).

I did the Teresa questline and collected Mutt before leaving the mill after she “finished her tale”. At first he has no real skills and you need to interact with him to develop a bond, which eventually allows you to have him seek out locations and stashes, hunt prey, collect kills, attack enemies, warn of threats etc. (Also to get in the way and be annoying, but you can force him to stay (or go back to the Mill) and then recall (or re-collect him if sent away)).


I get 35 x hare, so, it’s just about 2 or 3 hares only .

If you suck at archery, try with a longsword, run near the hare and just stab… just aim right, it will be super easy

@Lieste thanks for the mutt info. So, I understood that the dlcs were to be played after the main game, but you are saying they can be installed and interacted with during the main game play? That would be interesting. I am on Xbox so have no mods.

@realrules thanks but I just can’t bring myself to run around in the woods killing bunnies with a long sword… wish there was an option to just give Alex lots of groschen. He and the beggars could eat like kings. :smiley: