Beggars Feast quest problem


I would like to know if anyone else is having a problem with this quest ending right after you give hares to Alex. He says something about master huntsman beeing aware of poachery and that ends the quest. I know that there is more hunting quests after the first one since first time i finnished this , he offered me boar hunting quest but i had to reaload the game later becouse i died .

Now i dont know if i should just wait or finnish the quest.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I have had something like that happen to me too after I started the game over again. I think Alex only took two orders from me. Is it random or is it a bug?

My theory is that the quest ends when you reach 100 rep with the refugee.

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YES , it ends but there are other hunting quests in other towns but some of them /most of them/ come after you go deeper in the main quest storyline… For me, those hunting quests are very boring ! I do not know , what others think - but it is always the same stuff /walk around forests like a jerk, waste time, hunt the same animals over and over and then bring meat to someone, … get some gold and that is it… / You will need a good horse for the later hunting quests as you cannot carry 200kg of meat on your main char.

I kind of agree. And because it isn’t much gold, it almost is a waste of time. I’m running the route between Sasau and Skalitz and I’m getting top of the line equipment. These bastards are hard to kill, though, sometimes.

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BTW there is ONE thing that might be cool during hunting - the only useful thing… AND THAT IS levelling up bow and other stats. So, it makes sense to do some running around those forests and hunting

Basically, I think that the loophole where cooked meat doesn’t count as stolen should be removed. If you could only sell poached game to merchants who trust you enough and who offer extortionately low prices because it’s illegal, then the poaching quests will make a lot more sense.