Beginning Story while you load


So while your waiting for the game to load you get to hear a brief story. Who is telling it? At the end he says, “This is my Story”. Was this supposed to be Henry?

From the making the game documentary video you had originally picked a guy that eventually backed out for a movie or TV role. And than we got the awesome Henry we have now. Did you guys just not decide to re-record the intro voice audio or is this supposed to be someone else?

I know its trivial and hardly that important but for some reason it bugs me. Id really like the Henry we have now do the voice audio for it unless it isnt supposed to be him, but something tells me it is.


Just role play it, the video voice sounds like an old actor, maybe it’s Henry when he’s an old man?

Besides, how many times do you watch it? It is very well made, but I hit ESC after the first or second time, LOL… Cheers!


Lol I only watch it as long as I have to and than skip also. Thats actually a good point. I never thought about it being him as an old man. I stand corrected. In that aspect it fits.