Behind the scenes: Working on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This week we visited Sazava monastery to take some reference and texture photos. The monastery is located in the beautiful countryside of Sazava in Central Bohemia. It will take an important role in our game. Even our hero will visit this place and how knows… maybe you’ll meet some important persons from Czech history here.


You guys have the best jobs in the world. Beautiful.

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very good. careful on the ledge :slight_smile:

It looks like a typical tourist tour with some action highlight shown in the last picture. Is there any way I can book this tour? :smiley:


Great, another Assassin’s Creed game…

I kid, of course.

Many baroque style elements … does not quite fit in the 14th century’s
But nice trip :slight_smile:

Nice to see some kind of progress! :slight_smile:

Want dat camera! ;_;
… and a little more knowledge and experience in taking photopraghs… coughs

LOL Was Health and Safety even considered for this photo?

Has to be one of the best parts of the job, visiting cool places like that and getting to take pics and everything.


Every good movie/game starts with an idea and a storybook. Today I am presenting you the Design Department. These boys are combining all their creativity to create our “storybook” including the storyline, dialogues, quests and other scenario elements of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Of course under strict supervision by our guru Dan. What you see is a dispute concerning the quests – “Should our hero do this? Or rather that? Or you know what… forget it!”


The last picture looks like it’s moments before you ‘lost’ a designer… XD

Anyway, this is absolutely awesome, can’t wait for more.

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Seems to me as if the only the beginning of the story. Meanwhile, the Mickey Mouse panel should be too small, the walls are already full? Let’s see, please in high resolution …? :wink:

This is great, thanks for the update Tobi :smile:

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