Being able to block certain people?


Please delete this thread. The dispute has been resolved.


Can you link this bastard?


Maybe i can find some guys in the web who can getting his real data.
Than we know where he lives and such things!


If you want that he gets banned, copy the links to his posts with the writed crime and send it to moderators. I’ve did that with a guy who posted pictures about real murdered poeple in the east of the world.


What? You compared sentences about trouble with a game with sentences about rape?!
I guess you never wrote that you will rape or kill someone if he isnt on the same opinion like you.
That are two different worlds.


There’s option to block incoming messages.


Ive never threatened to rape or kill someone. I have threatened to beat their ass but thats as far as Ive taken it. Back when I was in school wed often have school yard fights and the cops were never called and the police were never involved even when I occasionally lost a fight. Different world back then. Now days both happen. Some of my closest friends growing up started with a fight. Sorry for the confusion.


Thank you for the message. I will take a look at the issue. I was not aware of this dispute until now. I will need a moment to get a full picture on what happenend here.


Okay, I have a full picture of the Situation now, which is kind of interesting.

First, hats of for your self awareness @PhilipOfCognac, you are on the right way. I like it.
I have no idea what you were thinking at the moment when you started this ego dispute about bullshit, but you are at least very aware that it was bullshit. Anger was not your friend in this situation, and there are only very few situations in life, when anger can be a helpful emotion, so it is reasonable to keep control over this and other emotions and to question them. But you already know that.
It seems @SYN_Bandy did nothing but feeding into your anger. He did this very well, because you opened yourself for it. He was more like a mirror to you, he showed you your anger and you reacted to it.
Although he stepped to far in what he said, I have to say, can´t see real villainy in his behaviour. But to be honest, it is not his job, to push your anger buttons here on the forum, although he did it quite successfully. Like a kid poking a beehive with a long stick.
I can see that the content what was said was nearly meaningless, it was not about rape or your family, it was purely about pushing the right buttons to show you your anger.

@PhilipOfCognac, I know it may seems far fetched, but maybe you will one time not feel apologetic for causing this dispute, but thankful for SYN_Bandy´s mean reaction. As I told you, he mirrored your behaviour, your anger, and you can learn from it in the long run.
A mirror is a tool to see yourself, to get self awareness. If you learn about your anger and your behaviour, it can help you to become a more mature and adult human, and to strengthen your relationship to the people around you. It is an opportunity to become a better human, not just for other people, but for yourself. The first person who is affected by your anger is always you. And most of the time it is a waste of time and energy.

I see no reason do ban anybody here now. It seems you are both quite aware. Learn from it, keep it civil.


We all need to try and be civil to one another. Civility costs us nothing but does reap it’s own rewards.


Thank you gentlemen, I also realize my mistake in all of this and apologize for baiting Mr. Saxon, I should NOT have done so. I should have apologized before but don’t check forum too often.

Is he included on this post? Yes, I see now he is. Sorry Mr. Saxon I trust we can bury the hatchet and debate like civilized individuals. I am indeed not a child but an adult with much to add to discussions in the future.


Indeed I am. I messaged you an apology as well. Sorry brother.


Best regards to you and family. My mother is also dead from congestive heart failure when I was in my early 20’s, I feel your pain.


Its always really hard when our loved ones pass away. I didnt know my mom had died until 2 years after when I got a call from the coroners office. We had lost touch and Id spent the previous several years trying to find her.

I only did get that call because of the missing persons report I filed. Its a very touchy subject, but it still doesnt excuse any of my actions toward you or anyone for that matter.

My dad had passed away in 2016 and about 6 months after he passed away I got that call she had died also. I was just starting to get better emotionally and mentally. The news was devastating to say the least.

I am also truly sorry you lost her and anyone else for that matter. Hope your doing well also. Take care.


All my condolences to you and your family, it’s really sad I’m sorry for you