Best "all-in-one" desktop under 1200€?


Yeah, if I bought from there I would probably need a few more changes as you stated, and it does not seem so expensive. But at the same time, I am not sure about the site. The first web store that offers customized computers and does not ask a lot. And what is SSD for? Besides that I have more extra space? I think I will go for more space later, I just need the computer run smoothly on its own with 1TB should be all right. Yeah, faster and bigger number means more money, I could buy the best rig but that is why I set my limit 1200€ so I do not waste all my money on one thing, especially when nobody guarantees me quality. I am talking about the site or brand that I do not know, for example


Ssd is much faster than HDD. You can buy only one larger SSD and you can add HDD later if you want to save money now.
Certainly go for GTX1060, dont waste your cash on GTX1050 if you want to enjoy games.
Also Kaby Lake is better choice than Skylake when you buy whole new rig.
All Blacksmith told you is good, follow his advice.


It´s performance! If you compare SSD wiht HDD, the SSD loads much faster (programms) and the reponse/access time is much lower than with a HDD. The work with the PC feels overall much more smooth.
That´s the reason why most of modern PC have at least a (small) SSD for the operating system (Win10?).

SSD = Solid-State Drive (no mechanics! fast but expensive)
HDD = Hard Disk Drive (much space for the same price)


I found what is supposed to be German store and it offers PC configurator. I managed to create one for 889€.
AMD FX-6300
GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
240 GB SSD
18.5" 1366x768
keyboard included
speakers included

Does anyone have experience with

I am pretty much convinced this is real store, though reviews are biased, but mostly positive. I also read someone from Ireland bought and was happy.

You guys are from Germany, is it popular there? If this was normal and no scam, I would be very happy to buy it.


NO! NO! NO! That´s not a CPU for gaming!!! You don´t want this!!!

No… for a notebook is this resulution (mostly) okay, but not for desktop. Go for 1920x1080! Minimum 21,5". Difference is only 10-20€.

You must decide,… what is your limit (money)?! Sorry it´s useless to discuss about a 1200€ PC, and than buy one for 900€.

For a 900€ PC (with monitor, keybord, speekers) you don´t need 16GB Ram. Take 8GB and good. Upgrading memory is pretty easy. You can do it later.

The motherboard/cpu is the heard of the new system. You don´t upgrade this (or you have a complete new one)!

No, but the reputation looks okay.

Don´t forget
German VAT 19%
Ireland VAT 23%


For me it is primary to achieve running what I need. 1200€ is pretty much where my tolerance is.
As I am not PC expert, I can only follow the advice from others and at the same time I am trying to get it for my own need, I need PC that can be upgraded later, this PC should be able to run games I stated above and KCD,
So on that site, I found out different filters. I chose gaming filter to make it possible.
Intel Core i5-7400 4x3.00GHz
ASUS Dual GeForce GTX 1060 3GB
16GB Kingston/Corsair RAM
250GB Western Digital SSD
few more things
PC costs 1007€
Monitor 20.7" 1920 x 1080
costs 102€
Speakers 46€
Keyboard & mousepad 16€
TOTAL: 1170€.

Is not this the same price like my first chosen rig?

Intel Core i5-7400 4x3.00GHz
Nvidia GTX 1050Ti with 4GB
23.8" monitor 1920 x 1080
How easy comparable these two are. I am waiting for some approval. No need to panic, I still have doubt about that. I need more experience reviews, otherwise I would rather simply buy from online store I trust, but will get less for the same money.


Good. It´s okay for the price if … few more things are WIN10, DVD-Rom and more

mousePAD ? :slight_smile:

Normally I would discuss why 46€ for speaker and only 16€ for keyboard & mouse (?) . The opposite should be the better choice.
General, don´t you play with headphones?
Use the 46€ for better keyboard/mouse and monitor!! (Sometimes you get for a few “bucks” more, a much better quality) :smile:

Graficcard comparison:

GTX 1060 3GB VS. GTX 1050Ti with 4GB

The 1060 is nearly 50% faster!!!
You have to get this one. (or a AMD 570 4GB or a AMD 480 4GB or something else faster)


Yes Win10, DVD-Rom, cooler in price. Mouse pad cause I need one for my poor mouse. Keyboard is cheap, but what makes pricier the better? I use headphones now and also consider buy or not buy cause there is not enough room on table, but for now I count more to make it more realistic. And yeah, monitor is a big question for me too. The brand I chose is not popular, but has what I need. And I will bear in mind that GPu difference.

Update. I found prebuilt rig for 930€. It has instead:
Win Pro, GTX 1060 6GB, i5-7500 4x3.40GHz, 8GB RAM, 240GB SSD. You can see it all here:

I chose Acer 24’’ 1920 x 1080 LED for 136€ and Cherry keyboard for 25€. TOTAL: 1093€

And the same rig, but instead of SSD, it has 1TB HDD for 826€. TOTAL: 990€

It all looks so nice for a good price. Can you find anything wrong with that? :smiley:


No. The price is good. Nice choice.
Later you can put more memory and/or HDD into the system.


build away !

do you need a monitor ? can you not use a TV ? assuming you already have a HD tv


I need monitor for sure. I have TV at home but I can not use it for my personal usage.
I also asked on as I saw people talking about Ankermann there. They mostly recommend it and say I should ask to deliver me GPU uninstalled which makes sense.
On Facebook page, I chatted with the person managing their site, he said they ship to Ireland and offer pcs with German VAT which sounds like a beautiful lie, but at the same time, he held me for the person will ask responsible people to make sure he said the truth.


Which monitor are you looking to get ? I would worry that for 100 euros you won’t get anything of any great value which would render your expensive PC pointless .

So maybe balance your budget a little more towards a better monitor and slightly worse PC until you have the cash to upgrade it


Acer 24’’ 1920 x 1080 LED for 136€. I do not feel like I need some exceptional monitor. I am used to laptop.


I build pcs so I’m a bit bias when suggesting pre made ones. but for that price you should be getting at least a 1070 .

899 pound roughly is about 1050. use amazon for what ever country you in . their customer service is second to none. if you are in Ireland use the UK one linked above

even this does not have an ssd but compared to a gtx 1060 its in another league.

oh always an oversight. get a SURGE protected 4 pin adapter . do not plug your 1200 euro pc into mains socket.


you can build pc with intel 7-8 cores and gtx 1060 with less than 700$ just google on how to do it. Unless you dont core how muhc it cost you but other wise you wouldn’t have made this post so I suggest you to build cheap pc to run games at 60FPS 1080p


I guess I chose the wrong name for the topic. The rig you found on amazon looks all strong. My biggest concern by now is that amazon sells their pcs for different currency and ankermann for different VAT. At the same time, they certainly sell worthy pcs. If I saw the price in € and with Irish VAT I would be atmost happy. But it instead makes me worry how much I will actually pay.
I am not pushing my limit any further than 1200€, at the same time I would rather buy a weaker PC for less with option to upgrade it, but I am buying it to run games like Witcher 3 at FPS 30+.
Pandemic, “with less than 700$”. Another currency. But you have good idea, and that is what I plan, to have some PC I can further upgrade, otherwise I would buy cheap laptop already, but as I said, no point in buying PC that can not run games I plan to play.


Hello all, I’m Michael a big gaming fan. I have Acer Predator XB271HU. It is one of the best 144Hz gaming monitor and in my budget. You can try this also. If you want.


Hello together,

I would soon upgrade my computer and wanted to know if my idea is worth at all. Long talk, short sense.

Let’s start with my current hardware:

Cpu: i7 6700k overlocked to 4.7 Ghz

GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070

SSD: SanDisk Extreme 240GB

What I would like to upgrade:

Cpu: Intel Core i7 7820X 8x 3.60GHz So.2066 WOF

Motherboard: Asus Prime X299-A Intel X299 So.2066 Quad Channel DDR4 ATX Retail

What do you think? Is it a good investment, or do I need to do with my current CPU no big thoughts?

Greetings from germany,

Lark :slight_smile:


For downward game compatibility i recommend an amd graphic card.
I know KCD is primary objective but I’m sure that you would regret buying nvidia


I do not just set up the computer for KCD, but you can use the game as a good foundation. Well, actually I did not want to buy a new graphics card, so I ask the question times differently. What would be better for KCD? A new CPU or a new GPU?

Actually, I thought the current would be enough for at least 2 years.