Best "all-in-one" desktop under 1200€?


Oh sorry i replied to your last post…
It was an generally hint for everyone^^
I can say that both needs to be good and a card with 4 gb should be minimum.
About CPU… i have no experiences with intel but yours sounds enough.
Maybe if it is available for good prices i think an i7 CPU with 4 GHZ should be more as good!?


By the way, I am currently watching the price of new Inspiron Gaming. I decided to wait for discount. This new desktop has very good specifications for its present price and I can get all-in-one for 1,210€ (AMD RX 570), as my limit is, but I am looking over better graphics (AMD RX 580) which costs 1,350€. It is price worth even now but since KCD is not released yet I am waiting for better offer.
Full rig I am watching now:
AMD Ryzen 5 1400 Processor (3.4 GHz Boost)
8GB, (up to 16GB)
AMD Radeon RX 580 with 8GB
Dual Storage (256GB SSD + 1TB HDD)
Dell 24 Infinity Edge Monitor - S2418H - 60.5cm(23.8") Black


What really!? oO
Sorry for question but on which site it costs 1,350€?
On alternate is the most expensive card an MSI Radeon RX 580 Gaming X+ 8G with 579€
(GPU=1411 MHz, VRAM= 8,1 GHz)


Card does not cost that much but all-in-one desktop.


ahh kk… you have some good sites for buying?
I’m looking forward too in updating my card! :blush:


No. I have been recommended dell desktops but they are rather pricy. I do not really trust any sites than official.


ah kk… and myself do not trust official one :smile:


savvyman you said you live in Ireland yes? this may be of no use to you. but

If you are living near Dublin. pc world in the city centre (jervis shopping centre) has a lenovo desktop on sale i5 6600 and a gtx 1070 for 1050 euro.


I will check it right away. Yes, I live close to Dublin.
EDIT: Yes. They have some huge discounts. LAST CHANCE. I might choose something there but did not find what you mentioned. Can you give me link?


it is in shop I believe this is the one. apologies is the i5 6400(this won’t make a difference).

as you can see from this amazon price is a decent enough saving.

If need be get the number for that store and ring them up. because I did not see it on their website.


Oh, so I found this. Slightly different price.
But it is not all-in-one so I must count another 200-250€ for monitor and other, it would cost me totally 1300€.
EDIT: While you were pretty close to convince me, I did not find any more of interesting offers from them.
I already found Dell all-in-one that has better specifications, same price, but without discount.



I think it is an interesting question.

With what hardware work actually the KCD team? (CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD?)


I have seen one developer using Dell in ESO video.


Thats very dispersive. We don´t have the one system for everyone. We have over 100 people working here on Kingdom Come: Deliverance with a lot of different systems.


I could have thought of that myself. Sorry about this logical error. Sometimes I just type first and think later.

I should ask the question differently.

As I wrote above, I currently have an I7 6700 k 4,7GHz overloked and a GTX 1070.

What would be more worthwhile?

The Intel Core i7 7820X 8x 3.60GHz turbo 4.30 GHz or the Asus ROG Strix GeForce GTX1080-A8G?


What do you mean with “4,7ok”?
4,7 GHZ?


I am not expert but saw some GPU comparisons and these latest cards do not make visible difference in performance of game. I think biggest difference you will see in well debugged and tuned games focused on performance, cause even as you can see beta is not fixed, there is not visible difference between minimum and recommended rigs playing at same settings. Though on paper GPUs sometimes state twice better, it is in my opinion not so worth it since you already have very good GPU now and will not need for some time better. In KCD, biggest trouble is demand of CPU, because of daily cycles. If I guess right, during your sleeping it will process cycles faster with better CPU with more cores. If not, at least CPU is going to be demanding and you should upgrade that rather than GPU.


@savvym Thanks four your advice. I was of the same opinion as you are, but as you described I was too influenced by the promise of doubled GPU speed.

EDIT: Yes exactly, rataj. Have it improved. Sorry. : S


AI has been improved with improved optimisation and LODs. According to the hints given so far, waiting/sleeping will no longer take an inordinate time, as it did in the Beta.


ha lark it can be double the speed. this does not always translates in some games an fps boost.others ,youmay be able to have ultra graphics settings. there are reasons why people decide on a better gpu other than fps increasing.

. real world example. I have 2 rigs. both cpus i7 stock no overclocks.

one with an i7 gtx 970 , the other i7 gtx1070.

I play arma3 a bit. on similar settings both will get around 50 fps . because Arma3 is a cpu game, ai ,big maps ,lots of calculations, old engine.

here’s the differences. number 1 -on the gtx 1070 I can run a 1440p monitor(imo looks way better ).2- I can crank up view distance thousands more same with the objects view distance. this is what the gpu does in these games cases. makes the game look better overall.

the reason i’m explaining this is so you understand the reasons people need that twice the speed and it does not translate always into fps because of the games. in your case going from a gtx1070 to 1080 . is not advisable too little a jump. and unless you running 4k or vr it does not make sense. down the line maybe a gtx1080ti would be a reasonable upgrade and by then a nicer price.

kingdom come is being made for consoles. let that sink in. your specs are going to be fine when the Iron out the release build.

if you want an uppgrade get a nice screen if you already on 1440p keep it is the sweet spot right now in gaming.