Best armor


Are you able to get the augsburg plate chausses and the Nurembergian cuirass from bandits?


Nurembergian curass can be looted from a bandit at the last stage of the attack on pribislavitz, in the bandit camp in front of the church entrance.


But can you loot it from road attacks or hold ups? Thanks for the reply


yes you can. It is how I get my best gear, from the triple & quadruple heavy plate bandit gangs at roadside attacks.


Magdeburg chausses and pauldrons can definitely be looted from bandits. Not sure about Nuremburg cuirass, but I definitely stole it from someone once. I think it was the guard who had the waffenrock chest keys in Talmberg, but could have been a bailiff in Ledetchko. Someone high up in a town definitely has Nuremburg cuirass somewhere.


Thanks man


Ya it was the Bailiff in Ledethcko, don’t forget to fence it or else that stolen tag will never go away. Also the German knight later on wears Nuremberg plate.


i have 2 nuremberg cuirasses. don’t know exactly where but i believe it’s from bandits on the main story. but yeah the next best thing is one of the milanese brigandines. The chest in the sasau mines has a piece if you didn’t loot that chest already.

PS: you don’t need to have the ancient maps in order to find the chests. It’s just like the treasure maps. all lootable without the map if you know the location ofc.