Best Armour


For anyone who wants to know, this is best armour, charismatic outfit, and stealth outfit in the game.

Pants- Your choice
Shirt- Decorated Arming Doublet
Padded Coif- Dark Padded Coif
Chain Coif- Noble’s Mail Coif
Chainmail- Long/Short Noble Hauberk
Chausses- Mail Chausses
Plate Chausses- Madgeberg Plate Chausses
Plate Pauldrons- Madgeberg Plate Pauldrons
Gauntlets- Nobleman’s Gauntlets
Cuirass- Lords of Leipa or Nurembergian Cuirass
Ring- Signet Ring(Doesn’t add to armour)
Necklace- Golden Necklace(Doesn’t add to armour
Helmet- Warhorse Helmet(But I always use the Arching Bascinet, with ever so slightly different stats)
Outer Garment- Dark Combat Jacket/Quartered Combat Jacket

Charisma- (Some small things can be changed that don’t affect weapons. There are also some other outfits that will get you to 20 charisma.)

Weapons(Doesn’t Affect Charisma)
Sword- Noble Sword
Shield- Shield Decorated

Shirt- Fancy shirt
Hose- Decorated black hose(if you want to buy hose and not go bandit hunting, buy the Nobleman’s Red Hose. These are actually more for show, as I tried taking them off and it affected nothing.)
Coif- Dyed Quilted Coif(For Show)
Chausses- Aubsburg Plate Chausses
Pauldrons- Milanese plate pauldrons
Gauntlets- Madgeburg Gauntlets
Mail Coif- Noble’s mail collar(For show)
Spurs- Golden Spurs
Necklace- Silver Neckchain(This, the Signet ring, and Decorated Black Hose can be found on a specific bandit, camp location will be shown at the end.)
Ring- Bianca’s ring(Actually doesn’t matter.)
Hat- Yellow Chaperon
Outer Garment- Brocade outer Jacket

With this outfit you’ll get 18 charisma. With either Flower Power perk or Ken Perk, you’ll get it to 20. I recommend Flower Power. You can also get Knight in Shining Armour perk, and if you’re a bit dirty, but in sunny weather, it’ll bring up your Charisma back to 20 or 19.


Shirt- Dark Saxon Gambeson
Hose- Tight Red Hose
Shoes- Leather Boots or Quiet Dark Shoes(Leather Boots have 16 visibility and 1 noise, but Quiet Dark Shoes have 0. Quiet Dark shoes raises visibility to 1, though.)
Gloves- Leather Gloves
Outer Garment- Black Hood
(Optional: Won’t change stats)
Hat- Black Chaperon
Coif- Padded Coif(Very specific black one. I found it on one of Wolfin’s bandits from Robber Baron quest.
You can also have a ring and necklace if you like.)

This outfit will provide you with 16 visibility, 20 conspicuousness, and 1 noise. If you’re in the woods and have the Forester perk, you’ll have 0 for everything.

What they all look like:


Charisma: (I have Stinger and not Noble Sword on. Again, it doesn’t matter what sword you have on.


Bandit Location for: Decorated Black Hose, Silver Neckchain, Signet Ring, and other valuable things


Best Horse(s)

Warhorse Jenda, Agro, and Shadowfax. I use Agro.

Best Horse Tack
Caparison- Green and Red 75.4 Groschen caparisons from Neuhof
Helmet- Steel chanfron
Bridle- Noble bridle
Saddle- Noble Saddle (4 saddlebags)
Horseshoes- Military Horseshoes

What it looks like:

Caparison I use:

Best Weapons

Shortsword- Noble Sword and/or Stinger
Longsword- St. George’s Sword and/or Herod’s Sword
Axe- Metal Plated Battle Axes(Both variations)
Mace- Ceremonial Mace(Barely higher stats than Bailiff’s mace, but still better.)
Warhammer- Raven’s Beak
Bow- Sinew and Yew Longbow
Best Arrows- Better Piercing Arrows
Polearm- Halberd
Hunting Sword- Noble’s Hunting Sword
Saber- Decorated Saber or Exotic Eastern Blade

Hope this post helps! Farewell, fellow Henrys!


quiet dark shoes are better than leather shoes for stealth build if u wanna have 0 noise


Thanks! I just looked at it. I’ll change it now.