Best Combat Mod?

I’m about to start a new play through after taking several months off. When I played before the Ultimate Realism Overhaul was dang near perfect. I loved that mod but I see that it hasn’t been updated and no longer works. I’m planning a hardcore playthrough but I still want something that ups the difficulty some more. I know how to go in and edit the combat files myself, is that the best way to do it or is their another mod out there that works better right now? Thanks

Well, there is a mod i personaly prefer over anything and it’s updated to the last game version. Maybe there are some other mods on nexus that are up to date aswell and will suit you more - take a look.

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Thanks… How is that one? I went with one called Amnesiac’s Immersive Lite. He said it’s based on that one and he added a little to it and it was more updated so I installed that instead. You like it? Is it difficult?

Read the description… looks pretty compelling esp slower healing and nerfing headcracker. All in all a definite background combat mod to try my next playthru. That said, really want more combat situations/battles [eg trigger cutscene to some place in KCD to battle 1 v 1, 1 v multi (2 or more), multi v multi… kind of like bastards final fight but more configurability or variability]

Does the more encounters mod no longer work? I know it used to trigger encounters getting attacked by up to 6 or 7 enemies at a time. Actually I think the mod name was Roads are Dangerous or something like that.

There are several mods for random enc., but unfortunatly none of them updated to the last version. Probably would be easier and faster to modify files to your liking yourself.