Best Single Player PC Games?


It is not subjective and no opinion.


That you don’t like cutscenes does not make it so that they are not a good way to tell a story (so you think there is no way a movie can contain a good story, right?).

I don’t know why you are going on a crusade against a game you don’t like. You seem to put in a lot of time and effort in it. Why? What is your problem? Some weird sado masochism I don’t understand?

Look, this is a pointless discussion. You clearly have your own definition of a good game.
While other people think a game is good when they are entertained by it (since most people see it as entertainment), you go on and on just to get your opinion to be seen as a fact.
Let it go, it is just your opinion. I don’t agree. Why bother?


I was saying your post was the elder scrolls. As in have to spend your youth scrolllling the hugh mountain of text you dropped.

Kingdom come killa. Your logic is flawless. Witcher 3 was made for console so it is not a true pc game… I cleared KCD on ps4 first…


Personally, I’m not swayed any which way by mainstream anything or media hype. I found a strange looking gamebox one day day in a store called Electronics Boutique and thought it looked interesting, and it was. This was the first witcher . I had never heard of cdpr before this, but looked forward to seeing more from them.
Wasn’t crazy about w2, but WAS hyped, in my own way about w3 and was not at all disappointed.
Also, I can’t imagine partying with Godwin minus the cutscenes.
I’m much more a fan of whiskey than wine, and I also enjoy cutscenes… In moderation.
To each, his own.


This is bullshit. This is not my opinion, this is a fact. But you and million other players can have their opinion. A movie is a movie and a game is a game, when I want a game then I want to play a story and not to watch a story. And if you had read my post then you would know that there are so many other things wrong than just cutscenes. Why do you only talk about cutscenes all the time?

Bullshit. “My logic is flawless” - are you serious? I have never said Witcher 3 is a true PC game.


delete my post


This thread might run out of control in the future, we will take a closer look of what will happen here. Please remember to stay civil and on topic. Thank you.


After my experience the 5 best single player story telling masterpieces are:

  • Gothic 1
  • Silent Hill 1
  • Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
  • SOMA
  • The Cat Lady

Developers should play and study these games before making a game to learn how intelligent storytelling is done right.


Did you see the bit before that “kingdom come killer” that was meant for him. But even so you managed to not comprehend that neither. I’ll say no more on the matter as it will get the topic closed.

I looked at Elex, looks like a pile of shite. Seriously. Got slated across the board. That is no opinion.

Soma looks interesting tho.


And why does not anyone share this fact! Because it isnt a fact!
Gothic 1 had the same, but without a cinematic like camera in dialogues.
You get a quest, you follow a trace, you arrived and maybe talking to an NPC’s (and what a wonder, in a cutscene, which you can call so in 90s) And this all again and again!
You comparing often the wrong genres and telling us that a Witcher 3 needs to be like a Amnesia!
Only the camera positions in certain situations between specific games made them completely different genre


Elex is a thousand times better game than Witcher 3. It’s made by Piranha Bytes who are the only devs who really understand the making of excellent fantasy RPGs! You should not rate a game in what it looks, you should rate a game after you played it.

SOMA is interesting and you should play everything by Frictional Games (and Piranha Bytes).


:joy: haha this is funny. You follow a trace, you arrived and turn into a cutscene and all again and again. :joy:


Stop now. The mods keep already an eye on this thread, don’t provoke them even more!


Ja ich habe ebend was falsches verlinkt, kann auch schonmal passieren wenn so ein Klainkind wie der Käse einen zur weissglut bringt. (sorry @frelmedieval ) Werd also glücklich mit deinen Spielen ! Niemand hat dich um deine negative drecksmeinung hinsichtlich TW3 oder irgend nem anderen game gefragt. Du hast schon von alleine das Thema provoziert!

Und wenn für jemanden die Story bei the Witcher 3 gut war dann heißt das auch nicht das es alle so empfinden.
Also bitte, BITTE erspare uns dein geheule mit irgend einer abgeschriebene Review Gülle! Oder mach einen neuen Thread dafür auf und unterlasse es jeden Thread mit deinen riesigen heiligen Texten voll zu knallen. Tschüss!


Funny. I didn’t expect to find ETS2 there - which is also one of my favorite games along with KCD. I thought it to be too niche.


Spinner. Ich wurde darum gebeten, mein Review zu schreiben. Und andere Ansichten als “Negative Drecksmeinung” zu beschimpfen zeigt, dass du sie nicht mehr alle hast. Das ist schließlich nicht das erste Mal, dass du hier herumkasperst.


From the tiltle it looks like that one is looking for the singlr player games, well GTA 5, Fortnite, God of War.
All these can be easily played on the PC.


The topic is about BEST single player pc games.


And how can we tell the game being “best”? Awards? Sold copies? Otherwise it’s all about personal opinion as always.


Well, I don’t really undestand the critics of Witcher 3, for me it’s maybe the best game ever made. I’m huge fan of whole Witcher franchise, I’ve read all the books and everything and the games are incredibly well made (story, quests, visuals, everything). But nevermind :smiley:

I would like to add some other great singleplayer games on the list (besides those you already named):

Mafia 1 and 2 (also made by Dan Vávra)
L.A. Noire
all Batman games (Arkham Asylum etc.)
Brothers in Arms: Highway to Hell
Life is Strange
Spec Ops: The Line
Titan Quest
Rise of the Argonauts
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine
Half Life 2

I could name a lot more, but I think this is enough for now :smiley: