Best Single Player PC Games?


Stepan, have you played Gothic? If not I can understand why Witcher 3 is one of the best games for you.

And a game that is best has nothing todo with awards or sold copies. Or is the best movie this one that won the most Oscars and sold the most cinema tickets? I think not!!! The best movies or games are often those which nobody ever heard of it.


Of course I played Gothic, it’s the game of my childhood. Excellent game, especially Gothic 2. It’s also my all time favourite. I would say Gothic is “The Witcher” of it’s age (sorry if I pissed you off :smiley: ). But still, Witcher is one of the best made games for me, at least of the last decade, if you aren’t a fan of witcher universe I can understand you are not so impressed. But I love both those games, they are at same quality level for me.




I’m a fan of The Witcher universe, but only the first two games are good, not the third one. I would say The Witcher 1 & 2 are nearly as good like Risen universe. But Gothic is the non-plus-ultra and not only in 2001 - even today and for all times.


Witcher 1 and 2 are great, and 3 is a masterpiece. Gothic is still great game, but the best is 1 and 2, then quality went down, G3 wasn’t so good and from Risen franchise is really good just first one, others are average and nothing special. Gothic 2 is still the best game from them till today.


Gothic 1 is better than Gothic 2 because of deeper atmosphere, brown trees and vegetation instead green, the best german voice actors of all time, much more rough dialogs and better story telling. Gothic 2 is just greater, but looks more beautiful than murky with all its farms with sheeps and green trees.

Gothic 3 is still one of the best and most lovely created RPGs on the planet. Even when Gothic 1 & 2 are the only true masterpieces.

The Witcher 3 is far away from a masterpiece. It’s in truth a very bad designed game. Tutorials everywhere, cutscenes everywhere, a boring skill tree, cheap hack n slay boss fights, bad voice actors and the completely dull quest tracking system.


It’s subjective, i just like Gothic 2 the best.
3 was in fact quite boring, bad story and quests, huge empty world, bad fighting, tons of bugs… nothing special, I even didn’t finish it.

Well, if W3 is very bad designed game, I would like to see a good one :smiley: Tutorials are just at the beginning (I think you can turn them off), cutscenes are great, they make the story and it’s really not so often and skill tree is totally allright.
Also, on the highest difficulty it’s not just smashing attack button, you must use all fighting mechanics to beat someone strong (skills, dodging, magic, potions, bombs), in 1 and 2 is worse fighting system. Voice acting is great (in english) and I don’t know whats bad on the tracking system.

It excells in almost every aspect, so I have to call it masterpiece (storytelling, quests, dialogs, world design - even if it’s huge it’s not boring and feels living, visuals, soundtrack, atmosphere, gwent, etc…). It’s overally great and fun game, where don’t bothers me anything (and that’s rare these days). But I know you will disagree again, but I don’t care :smiley:


Und Es kann es immer noch nicht sein lassen! Gott was für ein schlechter verlierer!


Und der Suppenkasperl ist wieder da.


Stephan I disagree in everything.
You said you don’t know what’s bad with quest tracking system. But I know.


Genauso arm wie deine beleidigungen sind auch deine erklärungen zu spielen du null!
Du weisst ja auch alles! XD


Ist keine Beleidigung, eine Tatsache.


I don’t like combat in Witcher 3 as much. Risen 1 was good but 2 had dumbed down combat, story solid. Gothic was especially good for believable world, good story and progression while combat was bit clunky / restricting in movement but functional in its own way but it was Gothic 3 that I realized how dumb AI can be and you can do same in 1, just jump up a stone or building and shoot a bow. Goblins, bloodflies and people may catch you though. Gothic 3 is still a good game when you fix it with unofficial patch. All Gothic games are a bit unfinished in some areas, for example Gothic 2 was supposed to have a camps of orcs in the area of Swamp camp but devs wrote they didn’t have budget or time for it. Gothic 1 was supposed to have extra valley with one way coming out near old camp mine / new camp all the way upwards to new camp mine. There are big empty fields. That’s where the prisoners where transported through as well. Gothic 3 was unfinished in more places, it had a lot of empty spaces especially in the south desert but mostly believable environment.


So due of that discuss, here because Gothic 2’s Vobs looking tooo green and oh wonder, Gothic 1 looks much darker and deeper with G2 zCVob’s and textures! (But seeing pics isnt the same like running through it with music and sounds, the feeling) Instead of telling the people what is an fact and what not, you should try to entainment people by showing them mabye some mods which expands the feeling of the specific game.




after KCD, i’m not sure what combat should be like in fantasy games especially when the game combat is centered around companions/party


Bullshit. Gothic 1 feeling can not be expanded with texture mods. Don’t use G2 textures or DX11!!! They ruin and destroy the original unique Gothic feeling!


Ah I see you are not able to understand a lot about game design ideology.


How can you be so stubborn and ignorant.
Then stay a beginner.

Said the one who wrote that!



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