Best Single Player PC Games?


This discussion is useless…


Oh and now you’re trying to put words in our mouthes that we did not say. Poor, very poor!


You put words in my mouth! Where have I said that you said that?


change of direction… ever play ‘Birthright: The Gorgon’s Alliance’? a D&D game that obviously ripped elements off of Lord of the Rings

loved its set up. could start off as different factions. had dungeon crawling with combat. faction battle fields with squads (mounted units, ranged units, etc)

i could never finish. fatal freeze bug after beating the Gorgon

anyhow wish somebody would make a more modern version of it. it came out in '96 (MS-DOS)


Ask GOG if they make a modern version. They also did that for Diablo.


‘make a more modern version of it’ would be Diablo III

‘make a more modern version of it’ would be Birthright 2019 that would potentially borrow
-melee mechanics from KCD
-diplomacy/town management of Bannerlord/FO4:Rise of the Commonwealth
-asset richness/physics of RDR2
-your team/squad mechanics (AI pre-sets) of DA:I or D:OS2
-battlefield mechanics of TW:ToB (or maybe Bannerlord)


No I mean compatible for modern systems with additional fixes.


that’s not making a more modern version of it


Oh yes that’s it. What you mean is a successor or remake.


one thing i find underwhelming about most games is that you can role play but really there’s only one origin. in RDR2, Gothic (1), D:OS2, Skyrim, FO4, KCD, etc. you’re the escapee. DA:O had its flaws but enabled some variation on the origin story. that’s what i liked/appreciated about Birthright. and, what i’ll like/appreciate about Bannerlord when and if it’s released


sensu stricto, no.

one could remake it with assets that render better on HDTV or better (not unlike the mod that rataj showed for Gothic). or one could create a successor with the same mechanics. those would be a fail. the mechanics, physics, AI, etc have to be modernized or it wouldn’t be worth it.

now, if there were a (more) modernized successor or remake, i’d buy it in a sec. would easily be willing to pay over $100 for such a thing


This is wrong. Gothic 2 use the same mechanics, AI, physics and engine like Gothic 1 and it’s one of the best successors ever made. A good game does not need to be modernized. In contrary. Most games become bad because of modernizations.


Yeah, i loved King’s Quest (1983), Wizardry (1981), Ultima III: Exodus (1983), and Birthright (1996) on PC/PCjr; played them way too much when they came out. But now I’m not looking to travel down memory lane. A couple months ago, wasn’t even willing to buy Warband at a greatly discounted price. So, long story short. I meant what I said: not just looking for a successor or a remake but looking for a more modernized version of Birthright as it could have hundreds if not thousands of hours of quality playtime by modern standards. if it means that the sublime original design from decades ago gets corrupted, so be it.


Warband has better horse combat and Bannerlord seems to nail that part even better.


Bannerlord looks like it’ll be a whole lot of fun. One thing I wonder about is mounted units vs shields/pikemen. In TW:ToB, the horses are said to rear up if they approach a wall of locked shields (pikes?). hope Bannerlord implements something like that. the preview I saw didn’t seem to have that

when WH implements warhorses, I hope they build that in too


I was just looking at ToB yesterday, cause its on sale but Im not sure if it is better than what I have - TWR2. I am looking for some new experience rather than just the same game set up in different environment.