Best time to deviate from main quest?


I am at ginger in a pickle, so it’s okay to go off and explore a bit before finishing the quest? I do feel a little pressed to finish (for role play) but also would love to do some side quests.


There are bandits after him, it is better to wait once that quest is cmpleted, and before going to uzhitz.


It was the point I used to wander off MQ line for awhile. I still got to look/kill pursuit/find ginger later


At the start. You are free to do what you want any old time. I spent a long time and didn’t even do much of the main quest until 1000hrs!


Except to learn the fancy attack and defense moves from Bernard. A minor point but there.
Only get them after Neuhoff


@serk - Thank you for the reply. I did finish off the 2 suspicious fellows and rescued Ginger.
@longshot300mag - Thank you for the reply. I reported back to Bernard and got some more training. He gave me a dagger but it doesn’t show in my inventory?

I only recently purchased the game and am enjoying it immensely. It is so different from most RPGs and a very refreshing change.
edit- I am on the PS4 and am having a terrible time with lockpicking, so my Henry is an honorable person who cannot pick locks for anything. :smile:


on controller it is harder then KB/mouse. I am told it gets easier with the raising of skill. Although I stick to KB/mouse and put down my xbone controller for it.


to me, there are 3 best times:
(1) before meeting up with Radzig in Rattay
(2) after wiping out the enemy encampment in Pribyslavitz
(3) before entering Vranik