Best time to deviate from main quest?

When is the best time to deviate from the main quest line? My character is only about level 7 and up to Uzhitz looking for a guy with a limp. Feels like there has been no break and I need to spend time doing some skills and side quests, as well as combat training.

Anytime really, at least try to do that when you arent at a time sensitive main quest. Also, some side quests are time sensitive, you just gotta read what you need to do. But anytime is a good time to deviate.

Do ist right now, it’s a good time. However don’t do ist when anyone tells you do “hurry” or Things Like that.

Ok thanks. I might deviate where I am now to spend some time exploring/skilling up. When I get in combat I get mauled, can’t even reposte :frowning:

When ever you feel like it or find something that interests you is the best time. Also, as soon as you’re not doing something time critical is a good time to train.

For the love of all that is holy, just don’t deviate from the main quest later when you get the sidequest “Pestilence” while also having the main quest “Questions and Answers”, where you can run into a gamebreaking bug - more details here, but maybe you wanna read that when you reach that part of the game to avoid minor spoilers

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I have 2 rum: one is the “normal” one, the second i decided to run without main questo, or at least, starting it alter. I followed the quest until i had to steal the armor and take my (honestly) stolen cuman horse. Then… free as a bird in springtime :slight_smile:

I was thinking about that too, I’m going to Ledetchenko after the second member of the gang, Reeky, I guess. I know that I’m not that far from confronting Runt. If I’m not mistaken that quest is called Baptism by Fire.

Can I take a break after that? I guess my Henry wouldn’t want to stop until he catch that son of a bith being so close to track him…

There’s certain points in the main questline that are timed, but just means that you would have to find an alternative to complete that part. There are many sidequests that are timed, however, that if taken too long to do a certain objective will cause the quest to fail and thus not able to be completed at all.

After killing Runt, you are spawned in Rattay and can take a break from main quest without breaking the mostly depends if you are strong enough to beat runt. I usually clear all bandits camp around Rattay after finding ginger and before moving to uffitz

Do it NOW! You are getting close to a part of the main quest that will require some serious knowledge in combat. Melee mostly.

Even though I am level 7 in swords, it doesn’t help. I am going to have to back track to an older save and just spend a lot of time training up before the quest Baptism By Fire

There are a few great times to deviate.

The first is right before meeting Radzig and declaring your holy crusade for his sword. At this point you can run around and practice stealth and hunting skills, getting money and what have you. You can get a horse during this time so you don’t fail the Capon hunting objective. Side quests are limited at this point, and you can’t train up melee very well.

After you get the quest to find Limpy is the second place where it helps to take a break. First thing to do is go back to Bernard and practice sword fighting so that you can get your defensive skills and talents you need to survive. Otherwise, a lot of side quests open up at this point.

The next point would be after Pribislavitz, where even more quests open up.

You get a quest from the miller to get a ring from the exucutioner. If you loot his other chest there will be a sword there. Take it. It will require str7 but you can use it. I used it right away and its doing a great job even if i only have str4 atm. I kill almost everyting and just make sure to learn timing of blocking. And dont rush combat. Wait for a moment that you can block the stab stab stab block stab stab stab etc

I approached it the same way but came to a rude awakening. The problem is with taking a break after this quest, Spoiler alert!!, That you have to duel Runt to finish the quest and Runt is a very tough cookie. If your fighting skills aren’t up to par, Runt will whip your but every time and You’ll be repeating the final scene 'till eternity.

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Yes, before scouting Pribyslavitz is a perfect time to take time off. The bandits as well as Radzig will wait.

Yep,before scouting Prybislavice is a good time to go and do some training. I recommend to get one of the 3 melee weapons types to at least level 10. Chose one,the easiest is sword. Dont try to get good at all of them (axe and mace) as it will take lots of time. And train sneaking a lot. I found the best way to do is to sneak upon lonely wayfarers,choking them from behind. But dont kill them! Just tender choking so they fall unconscious :grin: You can extend the training to sleeping charcoal burners or other NPCs.

Very well said Brano about the wayfarers.
I didn’t think of this myself until very late.
I also tried it on one of the sleeping charcoal burner camps but it seems one I didn’t get to reported me somehow.
The next day in Rattay, gaurds stopped me and I had to pay a fine.
Crime does not pay!

yes it does! Just not to you… :laughing:

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I found myself feeling rushed thru the main quest I didnt think there was a good excuse to do anything else until after the plague quest after you kill R…whats his face who whoops you in the beginning. The quest just seem so important up till that point if you are role playing and the dialog makes you feel it is as well. Some examples are when you reach Ratty and are summoned by Nobel’s ( cant keep them waiting). Then you have to do training to join the gurad and go on a patrol( cant not do your job). Then you are forced to go hunting with Hans and have to rescue him. After that there is a raid on Noihoff and you better catch who did it before the trail goes cold you are told( feels like you have to do it). Then you find the location of the bandit camp so close to your revenge how could you go do something else. Then you have to help with the plague thats pretty important and a good role player wont change course for that shit. Even tho you can deviate at anytime there never really feels like a good time for somebody more into the role playing side of the game. (Wish there was fishing and other slice of life styled activities) They need to break apart that main quest line with some things that dont feel as important, but if you are not a role player like me anytime works. Go do you man.


Ginger in a pickle is a good point for roaming and side quests.

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