Best way to train strength?

Hey all~

About 20 hours in and Henry’s strength stat is still bullocks. Any tips on how to build it up quickly? (Heard there’s a perk in herbalism but I haven’t gotten to that yet. Been too busy hunting treasures.)

Try the fistfights in Rattay, they can Level Up your Strength/warfare very quickly


Do maces work?

For Training your Strength? Yes should. Depending If the weapon is Agilitäty or Strength based (can be Viewed in your inventory) it Levels the Skill.

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Maces should work.

Go see Cpt Bernard outside the North Gate of Rattay (unless he is out on a mission with you to investigate murders leading up to the first “big” battle of the game). Assuming hes not out on a mission he should be outside that gate all day every day. You can “train” with him for gold, or you can “Practice” with real weapons or wooden weapons, you can learn combos(which is more free training) and you can learn “master strokes” or something like that which is riposte and blocking. Everything he offers, aside from his “training” option, is completely free, levels up STR, AGI, Weapon Skill of whatever weapon youre using, DEF, Warfare and maybe other stuff, honestly cant remember. The only thing you have to pay for is armor repair and healing yourself, which if you use wooden practice weapons you can shed your armor before you practice and fight literally forever as long as he doesnt knock you out. If you do this for an in game day or two you will sky rocket in skills, its actually super cheesy and a lot of people are saying it makes you too OP so be careful how much you train.

get perk and pick up herbs works for me without even fighting

I seem to get STR, Weapon skill and Warfare from hitting people/being active in the fights and AGI and DEF from playing defensive and catching blocks/ripostes and trying to dodge. Hope this helps.

Or you can go in a fistfight with some sheeps or cows on a field aside,
when nobody is looking, best by night when they are very tired and want to lay down.
You can also Train your other weapon skills or Hunting with them.
Which is of course morally reprehensible and not very chivalrous and besides (attention!) Will not come very well to animal rights activists.

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@Callahan dude, have you ever punched a chicken? They explode in a puff of feathers and all that is left behind is a whole, defeathered chicken; in my experience usually rolling across the ground too. It’s hilarious .

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haven´t yet. a (missing?) arrow hits a chicken once, and i saw the same eploding featherball.
Tried to go in the ring with bugs bunny, but they are too small too hit, or maybe to fast.
i didn´t saw that he moved. :):thinking: just sittin on the dock of the bay…

With Milan, although after lv 14 strength the leveling gets drastically slower with him.

Fist fight.
On the mic u can call me Mike Tyson.

Fight Cpt Bernard, a bit slower grind on Hardcore cuz he’s much better and harder to overpower, even when I proved to be tough enough to be Runt Cpt Bernard was still hanging in there.

Kinda sucks that moving while overloaded does nothing for strength