Beta optimization. Please..?


When will the beta update? To optimize the optimization :D. FPS 10-25
intel core i7-4770
ram 16GB
nvidia gtx 960 4GB
on medium 18-25 FPS D: (ofc, it’s beta, alright, but optimization…)
anyway, thx, WH, for this game on the beta)


Beta will not be further updated, therefore it will not be optimized.

Beta you can play is more than a year old version. Today they have much better internal version, that is much better optimized than what you can play today.
Let’s wait and see what they have in store for us, I bet it will be worth of it :wink:


This is the problem. Put it on low. Then reduce the LoD to zero. Motion blur off. Grass to zero and draw distance to a few points above zero. You will get a much more playable 30-35 FPS.

As above, the next update is the full release version… Supposedly coming this year.


As op said I really want see optimazed beta.but they said they dont optimaze it and say game will be optimazed :slight_smile: ofcgame will be optimazed we know it.if game start with this issue it go ground when first day of realese.problem is as for “beta” not alpha or pre alpha etc it is really really bad state.u cant play game with this lag freeze boy say it is your system or try system isnt bad I try all stuff for play it but game contunie lag freeze then crash.I dont issue with money or yell for refund but at least as a gamer who buy game u want to play game a bit at least.


It would be nice…i agree but it wouldnt be practical for them to put resources into the beta and optimizing it.