Better Horse Encumbrance System


So I’ve played for several days with the new encumberance system and it has since been a well of frustration and endless boring time of pushing inventory items back and forth.
I loved the fact that you could mount your horse when over encumbered, because the extra step wouldn’t be needed, but I do understand and approve the wish to limit the amount you can take with you for realism’s sake.

So there are two more systems I can think of to set a limit while not having to micromanage the inventory.

First would be the immersive solution: add the weight on your horse and your character together and if the sum exceeds the limit, don’t allow to mount or - more realistic - your horse will unmount you right away.

Second would be maybe more difficult to implement and arguably less elegant: Allow selling stuff directly from your horse inventory in shops and being able to access horse inventory while rummaging in chests, so that you can transfer directly from horse to chest.

For now I will use a mod that reverts the change, but I do like the idea behind the change and thus hope it will be revised in the future.
(The mod is also quite intrusive, because it changes the WHGame.dll, thus can only be a temporary solution for now.)