Better scramseax seax broken back seax


With no notches out of the tip like the master huntsman. Maybe throw some runes on the handle or ornate knot work

There isn’t a high level seax that doesn’t look like crud like the hand gaurd the raps over the hand like a,sabre. Just straight seax like knights hunting seax or a smaller reduced gaurd with high level abilities.


another blade is the Lang Messer( long knife). One version looks like a game falchion and was used by civilians where having a sword was Illegal. They came in several styles and lengths.


The game is set in the early 15th century if I’m not mistaken, so both of these weapons would be out of place in the game world. The seax was in widespread use with Germanic peoples before and during the time of the Merovingians, so it fell out of use about 500 years before the game’s time frame. The Messer on the other hand wasn’t common until the year 1500. I’m already irritated that there is one version of a seax in the game, it has no right to be there.


not quite correct. The messer series of weapon was in use from 1300-1500 most popular in area of Prussia.


Last time I checked, Bohemia wasn’t Prussia. And it became widespread in the latter half of the 15th century, so that’s when I would expect to see it proliferate to other parts of the HRE. If someone wants to mod it in, that’s fine, but I don’t think it belongs in the region we’re playing in around the year 1400.


Okay man are you just not paying attention in the game there already is seax and various forms of them just under different names like knight hunting sword

Conventionally that’s what they was used for I see all these people that are so into the. That they forget the reality of Viking Helms could have been used I mean s*** it was only 300 years prior that they were around in full swing and there wasn’t a revolutionary jumping armor between that time and now other than plate armor aside from that it’s an open book of Spears of f****** Spear and chainmail is chainmail aside from the artwork in runes they had armor that was used buy the Norseman and a lot of various Germanic tribes that was still in use to that day

As well as Viking Helms that there’s not that big of a deal there I mean the beginning armor set in the beginning Helms if you look at those or even mid-grade Helms there’s one Helm that looks like a spangenhelm there’s two of them to be exact the only difference is they have a full chainmail aventale

As well human helms are so similar to viking helms its crazy the only difference is the pointed helm the top of the helm is pointed instead of round aside from that there are several Helms in there that are exactly like Viking Helms in the various forms of Norse and Germanic tribes Helms and all I’m asking for for s**** and giggles maybe throwing one little armor set in there that’s full on Viking I mean I don’t think it would hurt anything it really wouldn’t it wouldn’t be game-breaking cuz if you didn’t ever get it then you would never see it and as far as getting totally historically accurate here it’s not an impossible concept that someone may have or a poor farmer may have had a viking Helm or a Nordic ham that was passed down to and for use I’m just saying you guys act like there was this gigantic leap and arm Warfare between 900 1300 there was in the form of trebuchet and plate armor aside from that the chainmail was in constant use gambesons it’s a little bit murky about where they come from but I’m pretty sure the Norseman had some sort of padding for their Warfare or maybe their tunics served as padding much like the humans use their kaftans for padding in the game


All I’m asking for is give me a spangenhelm without the chain mail and the gigantic nose Bridge maybe a nose Bridge that’s only goes to the top of the lip and I believe one of them does that you just can’t see it for the chain mail after all they have chainmail that if you were to put on a standard Helm it serves the same purpose as an aventail

One of the humans light Helms it is kind of like what I want and when you put chainmail on underneath the helm it looks like that going to have it says you can have various looks and you can customize a little bit better where as the ones that we have now either you can’t do anything with them because the chainmail is stuck to the to Helms that are spangenhelms


Okay man are you just not paying attention in the game there already is seax and various forms of them just under different names like knight hunting sword

Okay man are you just not reading what I write, I already said that there’s a seax in the game and that I think it has no business being there. And of course there are similar weapons fulfilling the same role, they differ in details and they’re not called a seax; if you acknowledge that there are very similar weapons then why is it so bloody important to have another thing that’s called seax? The name is anachronistic and completely out of place.

This is stuff that mods should be for, they shouldn’t be part of the base game in my opinion. The entire point of KCD was an accurate (within reason) depiction of the place and time it was set in, adding stuff that has no business being there historically defeats the purpose somewhat.


I believe they had historians involved as well so I would be more humble and think it’s just something that we don’t know I could see that being used kind of like the conventional meat cleaver is used to this very day it’s just more of a meat cleaver / self-defense item just like axes were wood splitting wood crafting ship building tools as well as self-defense


Big difference between a wood axe and a war axe.
A wood axe is thicker, heavier and its edge more of a wedge. Designed for spitting its way thru wood using mass and momentum.
A war axe is a lot thinner, lighter and it edge is designed for cutting/ chopping it way thru its target.
Check out scholagladatoria 's Mat Easton for a vid on this.


That’s why I brought up the bearded axe was used for hewing wood obviously yeah you’re right there but again bearded axes were used for hewing wood Carpenter axes are used for hewing and cutting I mean you can see this to this very day if you go online and look at a specialty act shop you will see a wide variety of bearded axes that are theanine nature I mean I’m sure as hell not suggesting that someone’s going to bring a splitting maul out to a battlefield but my God would that be badass


And I’m not suggesting War axes that were specifically made for fighting with no other use. We’re talking about peasants here who didn’t have money to buy swords your greatest form of self-defense then would be at that point would be an axe

I’m not doubting the fact that they actually did make axes that were specifically for Warfare just like they made hammers for Warfare but I’m talking about what things people are going to have around that would also serve as a weapon in a bad situation