Better stats gear lower Henry's stats instead


Let’s say, for sake this discussion that you are right. The brown hood is the covered version and the black is the hood down version.

Do we tell by the visual? Both hood look the same on Henry. One is brown and the other is black.
Name? Not like they are named Brown Hood covered or Brown Hood Up or Black Hood Down.
They are named Brown and Black Hood.

So whats next? The same pants that gives different stats, one is rolled up the other isn’t? Or one has open fly lol?


Why not lol. Certainly will add some depth to KC:D’s roleplaying.
Well, I accept this:

I just thought this isn’t the case because I grew up with games where visuals weren’t important and the interface wasn’t very descriptive, and different items looking the same or not having an appearance at all, and having ‘hidden stats’ was a normal thing lol. I just imagined Henry wore some hoods up and assumed it’s intended that way, also considering that when NPCs wear covered hoods, they’re shown as covered.