Better stats gear lower Henry's stats instead


I posted this on the steam forum and never got much response. I can’t fnd this on google either. For the moment i thought no one plays this game.

I noticed on several occasion especially charisma and vis/cons/noise, putting on a gear with higher stats makes Henry’s stats go down.

Like if I replace a head piece with better charisma, the charsmia actually goes down instead of up. Is this intended or a known issue?


I saw this before. The only reason I think is you put together pieces that do not complement each other, especially charisma stat. It’s like combining Skalitz coat with Cuman armor.


I was switching between hoods on a naked Henry and uploaded a comparison here:

Here are the results and the numbers don’t make sense.

Sort by stats best to worse, Henry’s stats on the right.

BLACKa ___ 15 __ 16 ___ 0 __ 44 __ 44 __ 0 _____ 100% __ 110.7
BROWNa __ 18 __ 24 ___ 0 __ 41 __ 43 __ 0 _____ 100% __ 66.2
BLACKb ___ 36 __ 41 __ 14 __ 46 __ 48 __ 4 ______ 64% __ 18.4
BLACKc ___ 36 __ 41 __ 14 __ 46 __ 48 __ 4 ______ 52% __ 17.1
LINENa ____ 44 __ 49 __ 23 __ 48 __ 50 __ 6 ______ 54% __ 11.9
LINENb ____ 44 __ 49 __ 23 __ 48 __ 50 __ 6 _____ 100% __ 15.1
LINENc ____ 64 __ 66 __ 49 __ 52 __ 53 __ 8 ______ 39% __ 19.1
GREENa ___ 68 __ 66 __ 40 __ 55 __ 54 _ 11 _____ 100% __ 18.3
GREENb ___ 72 __ 69 __ 40 __ 54 __ 53 __ 7 _____ 100% __ 28.3

a. how could BLACK a places worse stats than BROWN a when it generally has better stats?
b. Why does GREEN a and b produce different noise when both has the same 40 noise stats?
c LINEN c has the highest noise stats yet for some reason produce only 8 noise



(1) agreee the roll ups to Henry don’t make sense (how can one green with the same instrinsic noisiness confer greater noise upon Henry than the other green?)
(2) The attribute numbers don’t make sense (how is green as a color noisier?)

Btw, nice job manipulating the formatting


Wish I could buy the Skalitz cost of arms on a heavy (heater) shield and a bouche shield instead of the boar

If the boar were to signify Pribyslavitz as the beer does then i wish the guard were equipped with the boar shield

If Henry wears the long Skalitz waffenrock, can’t see much of what’s underneath so it’s not a visible fashion faux pas (eg to some wearing striped shirt with a striped tie)


I realise how foolish I am to post a table without pointing out the problems in the numbers.

a. how could BLACK a places worse stats than BROWN a when it generally has better stats?
b. Why does GREEN a and b produce different noise when both has the same 40 noise stats?
c LINEN c has the highest noise stats yet for some reason produce only 8 noise

edit: for good measure I threw in the condition and price. AFAIK condition of gear does not affect vis/cons/noise.


Dirty items affect stats. sometimes even if the item is not tagged dirty, it might still have some dirtiness. charisma takes a nose dive when it comes to this.

Vis Cons is armor type related. plate armor is more visible when clean, but not as noisy.
soft armor is the opposite, perks also can be activated for specific armor types, and sometimes direct sunlight affects plate armor.

unless your data sample is presented in a way where condition and cleanliness are on equal footing (even if not tagged as sewer worthy), I suspect that is where your perceived flawed data is originating.


Nope all clean.
There is a video I posted that shows it.


Some stats like charisma, visibility, conspicuousness are calculated from how large area they cover and how much of it is visible.

So if you have boots and jacket with the same charisma stat, the jacket will give you more because it covers larger area on your body.

But if you cover the jacket with dirty armor with low charisma, then the jacket will give you nothing.

So to sum it up. Some stats are calculated somewhat… unpredictably.
But if you still feel there is a bug, feel free to report it to our support here:
But please include specific combination of clothes that behave like that.


The items in question are all hoods, not boots vs jackets

from the pic and text description, Henry’s in his undies so the stats listed above are all hood-undies combinations


Ceteris paribus, dirtiness impacts noisiness? If so, KCD over-engineered some stuff


I’ve spent some more time looking into this and there in fact is a bug.

Here it how it works:
Every armor has a set archetype.
Archetype says which body subparts are covered. (body subpart is for example: front_upper_arm, back_upper_torso etc.)

What is happening here is that some items have wrong archetype.

The brown hood has wrong armor archetype that says the hood covers head. So even though it has worse stats than the black hood, RPG thinks it covers more of the body area and therefore player has better stats.

This issue is present for more items then this one.
We are looking more into this because fixing it may have unwanted effects, like making some enemies stronger or player suddenly weaker.


Thx for investigating and making sure the fix won’t break something else


Amazing. Thanks.
This dev reply sets whs from many other studios I gotta say. I was rather frustrated at the lack of replies and answers on the steam forum thinking this is probably like Ubisoft/EA/Bethesda game forum where bugs get posted all the time but no fix or response ever come. Good thing I come over to kcd forums.
It is good to know it is not some hidden mechanics but a mere bug in an isolated case.


good grief… beth bug handling is atrocious. the bar barely has to be risen off the ground to be an improvement


Wha? How is this a bug? Ain’t hoods supposed to cover head? This ‘bug’ was a part of my stealth strategy LOL.


Think the bug is that the items are treated differently even though they’re of the same type


Yes its about how the same item are treated as different objects altogether.

Idc if the game decides if the hood covers the head or not but do it one way or another. In this case the brown hood covers the head but the black hood doesn’t.

I don’t think you’ve read the original post properly.


Since the game doesn’t allow this: I thought it’s ok that covered hoods, uncovered hoods and chaperons are different types of gear. But whatever.


Firstly as others say - main issue is that there are two basically same items that have different archetypes
Secondly, our hoods do not actually over heads (ironically)… that is, unless you use mods

The rule is, if the armor does not visibly cover body part, the archetype should not either.