Beware the chickens


I’ve been able to play 50+ hours without any terrible game-ending bugs until I attempted to hurt the chickens. Be ye warned traveler, or “here take this, it’s dangerous to go alone” those feathered strutting critters harbor evil inside. I’ve had skips, i’ve had goofy graphics, and people running around with no heads or limbs but the only time the game has crashed was when I punched a chicken poof feathers everywhere and a dead chicken to pick up and when I shot one later out of spite. Both times the ghost of the chickens seized control over my game and froze everything as their ultimate clucking revenge. At least a giant horde of chickens won’t follow you around pecking you to death.


same thing currently the act of killing a chicken is punnishible by ending your game. i dont know if its the silly particles of feathers or what but Henry wants some chicken!


Hahaha hahaha! I can’t stop laughing. Lol! Damn chickens!


kill a chicken freeze time itself and then a message appears this program is not responding. go back because i thought ha just a minor glitch but no i punch the fowl beast. and bam feathers and whats this i cant move ohh noooo my game has crashed like Brittney spears career.