[Big bug] Shortsword + shield combos not working

Thought I might have posted the original post in the wrong place, so decided to post it here as well.


For some reason I can nomore perform any combos with the shortsword + shield, whilst at the same time I have zero problems performing combos with the longsword.

Also I’ve trained a lot with Bernard to have the highest strength & agility possible, 20 & 20, so that’s can’t be the problem.

I did however notice once that Bernard froze up during one of my long training sessions with him (he could move, but his arms were in a high striking position all the time), and come to think of it the problem might have started after that? I remember at that point I simply saved my game so as not to lose the exp I’d gained training with him, and then restarted the game to see if he had unfrozen. And sure enough he was unfrozen and working again, and thus I didn’t think any further of it, esp. since I mostly used the longsword then.

Now later on when I started using the shortsword + shield again I noticed I couldn’t do any combos with it.

I hope this bug gets solved soon.

It’s not a bug. There are certain combos you cannot do while wielding a shield and the ones that are possible look a bit different:

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A clear indicator is the mention in the descriptions where they add “If you have a shield…”.

That said, I suggest the designers should make it much clearer. At the top of a combo description, they could write Short Sword (optionally Shield) instead of just Short Sword. That way, most players would notice the difference in the header of the combo description. And Long Sword (without Shield) or a small note at the end of the descriptions.

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