Biggest Issue with Combat Lock

Love this game, played it since it was release many times over.

The worse thing about combat lock against multiple opponents is once you get into
lock, you have no way to win, as you spin from one opponebnt to the other and never
get a chance to defend yourself. I can’t say how many times I have died in seconds
of getting mobbed by two or more opponents this way. Just now I was in a nice fight
with one bandit chief, and I was winning, then another joined in, and I was dead
within 10 seconds due to getting constantly spun around. I tried to get to my horse
but once I did that, it was red screen and death1

There needs to be a way to selectivly lock, or at least disable the damn thing. I love the combat
in this game, and the combay system is awesome, but you have to be able to disengage.

Combat would feel a lot more realistic and fluid if there was no locking system. It makes things feel so artificial and “cyborg” like. Like I’m a robot acquiring targets. But I guess it’s not possible to execute combos and stuff without some kind of “link”.

Tapping L Shift should let you snap to other targets but I do agree. It’s a little stiff especially with multiple enemies as it’s too magnetic to your last target without flaying your camera to unlock. Thought that’s my experience on pc (being too magnetic to the same enemy) I also dont know about unlocking however, as the star system needs to have room to detect your swing.

Yeah… I will try a battle 4-5 times and lose every. Time. Then put it down and walk away. Then try again a few days later. The combat system is awesome, besides the targeting. I’ve never been so frustrated with such a basic function in a game. Honestly. It was easier to target enemies in Goldeneye 64. The target switch lag makes my blood pressure rise. The fact you can’t block blows from your shielded side while you’re blocking is dumb, because you can’t look anywhere but at your target, so if someone slips by without switching fast enough you’re done. Or if you get rushed while your current target is on their back swing you’re dead, because you either block that attack then get sideswiped because you can’t see OR block the guy you know is there, or you switch targets and get nailed by your original target. And don’t lose sight of anyone! If anyone gets outside your 30ish degree targeting area you lose. The target switch should happen when you press the button, not at the end of the animation, even if you can’t do anything til the end of said animation, so you can at least have some ability to survey your surroundings. It’s like your spine becomes fused at the base of your neck as soon as battle starts… Which is the most unrealistic part of this entire game. I think the combat would be better without any targeting system at all. You look around freely during battle, but when you put your shield up or pull back your weapon you lock onto center and control your shield/weapon with the right stick from there. That way you can have an eye on the battlefield, like in real life, while keeping the rest of the combat system.

Also! That would mean when your weapon is drawn the star is up… Which would be amazing. I literally look down all the time just to make sure I have my weapons out. I’ve died so many times going to block the first attack and I put hands up, just to be taunted as the enemy lands their first blow. And, realistically, that would mean you could engage in combat whenever you wanted. Once again, I go to take an enemy by surprise just to find out I’m not locked on properly so I can’t even raise my weapon, and I end up just running into the guy and alerting him to my presence.