Black henry bug with some merchants - can't trade

I’m encountering a bug with some merchants. when i enter the trade UI, my henry is a black silhouette, and i can only move up and down in the merchant inventory, but i can’t:
see details of the items.
move between tabs or “buy/sell” tabs.
access the “chest” (don’t know what it’s called in english, it’s what you get with square on the ps4).
which means that i can’t buy or sell off of them.
this only happens to some merchants (many), for example the butcher in ledetchko and rattay don’t work, the blacksmith in sasau doesn’t work, but the one in rattay does.
restarting, or reloading the game doesn’t do anything.

have the base game for ps4 with the latest patch, and i bought all dlc separately. i have just finished the main storyline except the final “ride into the sunset” with hans. i just did the theresa recounting of skalitz, and got the dog.

I’ve been having this issue also for some time, nothing seems to help for me other than constantly going in and out of the trade menu. Would love a fix in next patch.

yes, that’s the only fix i found. going in and out some times does the job, after 3-6 tries.

I’ve encountered a problem with the DLC traders. Where the same thing happens. I encountered it when I went to trade with the Horse trader in the village building DLC, I always forget the name of the DLC

Same bug here, it’s really annoying :frowning: