Black Screen a Woman's Lot

I have a big problem with the latest KCD DLC.
I have 2 saves, old and new, all 2 done without DLC. With the old, I’m not satisfied, I can run without problems with the 4 DLC. But for the recent, when I run with the 4 DLC, I found with a black screen.
Someone would have any idea?
I know the problem comes from the last DLC, since I did the test with only the first 3 DLC, and there is no problem

I’m not sure if this is related to the black screen i’m getting with a womans lot.

So i’ve not played KCD for a LONG time. due to bugs. it’s been since MAY 20th 2018… with around 40some odd hours of gameplay and fairly into the game story.
game breaking bugs. My save make me permanently stuck inside a horse. LAUGH IT UP!
When i loaded my game, my character was stuck inside his horse and I couldn’t even fast travel, couldnt move anywhere. NOTHING. So raged quit.

Anyhow, I decide the other day i’ll check out the new DLC and try this game and cross my fingers the patches to the game since last year had fixed all these issues. well… not sure what happened but the save game was no longer there, and just chose a different game save that was around 38hours, and immediately fumble around figuring out controls and then talking to theresa started the DLC “a woman’s lot” i played it for about an hour and then kept having issues with BLACK SCREEN hardlock PC crashes. I’m talking… hit the reset switch type lockups! I hear a windows USB DISCONNECT audio noise and screen goes black… this is the only game I have had issues with.
my pc is :
9900K EK nickel WCooled- asus formula XI - @5ghz all 8core (tried no overclock, still issues)
DDR3200 32gb darkpro
corsair AX1600i psu
NVME samsung 1tb 970evo’s for system drive and secondard
other drives are 3 1tb samsung 850evo
video card is a EK water cooled 2080ti
whole system is water cooled and running very low temps, never had any stability issues. this game is the only time i’ve had a lockup and repeatable over and over.
happens 5-20min everytime i play this game. maybe is related to the specific quest. Since before I loaded the womans lot I was fumbling around the normal game for over an hour and no issues.