Blood and Gore Content


Looks like they have this. I don´t know if it´s ingame or only in cutscenes.
In the background of an interview from PGW2016:


I’m all for any type of realism additions that they can add, and as said earlier dismemberments are extremely rare, so i don’t want to chop someone with a sword and see their arm fall off. That’s just as immersion breaking as no gore. Seeing gashes when you slice someone would be very cool, but not something I expect to be in the game.


I’ve never advocated for it to be done in an unrealistic way.


then it won’t be worth the time and effort to implement since it would happen so rarely and in such special circumstances


Yes but having it only in cutscense is IMHO the worst thing someone can do, as it heavily breaks immersion :frowning:

However, there should be entry and exit wounds where the sword penetrates the unprotected NPC’s body and also animations of pulling the sword out with the appropriate realistic blood splatter.

As for Dismemberment and other effects. I will exeperimtent when the game is out and the modding tools are out.


Is there even any game which does have this? I mean entry and exit wounds on right place with right amount of blood and corresponding physics of sword stuck in the body? It seems INSANELY complicated and hard to do, and yet barely worth the effort. Same for dismemberment, I can imagine that you split model in few parts after enough damage is done, but doing it realistically seems waaay more complicated.

If we get somewhat realistically damaging armor and clothes I will be happy tbh :slight_smile:


Soldier of Fortune and the sequel did (edit: for guns, not swords), though they basically designed the entire engine around it and was the main point of the game. While SoF is amazing for the gore, it suffered in general gameplay (even for contemporary games at the time).

If KC:D has very realistic blood & gore I’ll be happy with it, but not at the sacrifice of other features I would find more important. While there’s at least one person in this topic who would find it immersion-breaking, it seems most people wouldn’t care as long as the blood is semi-realistic.


Keep in mind it’s a lot easier to make realistic bullet wounds, than it is to make realistic wounds caused by melee weapons.


Peasnts must have dagger/sword/axe to defend themselves ?


Dismemberment will not work in KCD. It´s limited by the models of the NPCs.

If you are interessted in the blood and gore systems of other games check this:

@ValentinBk is your expert. He test games for their gore system and makes videos on YouTube.
Very interessting!


Context my friend. Please include my second sentence, which was

Meaning I am well aware of it but when mod tools are out there is a chance after some experimentation to include the possbilitiy of dismemberment at least to a degree. No promises though :frowning:

I know his channel, great guy :slight_smile:


Hmm,just to be that guys,i actualy have a webpage open showing a dude who nearly got cut in two by an axe swipe,eeh.I can send you this by pm tho,if you want.