Blood and Gore Content


Will combat be bloody and realistic in this game?!


Some blood - yes.
Gore, like severed parts, open bellies and cracked heads - no


Is the reason time constraints, or a bad reason? - Only two possibilities


It is time constraints. Dismemberment is apparently a big technical problem mostly because of their complex clothing system. They said they will rather spend their time on features affecting the game-play directly…
At least clothes can get soaked with blood quite nicely. And those scratches on armor after fight look good too…

Experienced swordsmans say that slicing even an unprotected limb off, is actually not that easy… So slicing an armored opponent in half is a pure Hollywood myth and thus totally unrealistic… But I agree that hitting those peasnts with a sword felt quite wrong in the beta…


I hope it’s in a following act then.

I want intestines:)


well, you can always look them up on the internet if it is your desire Oo… I don´t understand this morbidity



Pole arm to the gut with no armor, you’re going to see some stuff come out.


When you see and deal with it in real life you are ok with not seeing it again.


Does anyone want to see a man who was shot in the head by a 50cal?


I agree with you… I really have no interest seeing that stuff ingame aswell.


i would definitely like to see some gore in the game. gore makes most games better. for example war scenario games, when people get blown up, and lose a limb and get ripped in half, it makes you go like “holy shit, that guy just got ripped apart”, and obviously you go there to look at it afterwards, and it makes you feel slightly uncomfortable probably, which adds quiet a bit of immersion to the game. because that’s the thing, killing things always goes hand in hand with gore, it’s supposed to be something unpleasant.
if you can just go around a slaughter hunrdeds of people without a single squirt of blood, then killing them looses every emotional attachment. it makes you feel less like you’ve done something wrong, or bad to someone else. it doesn’t feel like you killed someone, or something. you just walk off and it won’t leave any mark on your mind.

that’s why i think gore is a good thing in games, especially first person games. it only adds.


Which is why an on/off option should exist. That isn’t a reason not to add it.


Well, blood splatters are one thing, but whole physics system and models for severed limbs, shattered bones and intestines are quite different story. Its usually not something which you can easily toggle on/off, because when you modify your physical engine to let your sword pass through flesh and modify other models, its not much compatible with situations when this same sword in same animation bounces, slides or clips with model, and causes different reactions.
Almost definitely not worth the hassle of developing it, testing and polishing the system twice (on/off), doing double amount of animations, and lowering your playerbase by getting worse ESRB ratings…


I think the most valid argument against gore is realism. Cutting off limbs is hard enough, add to the fact that the majority of people you’ll be fighting will be wearing armor, which makes the severing of limbs almost impossible.


You’re over thinking what it would be. For one, they’ve said finishing animations will be a thing, so it could restricted to those, negating issues of reactions. Trying to do it without set animations would be insane, as it would have to be totally dynamic to look any good, which would be… Ludicrously hard to do.

So different reactions wouldn’t be an issue, and certainly something that can be turned on and off.


It’s up to the players who they’ll be fighting most of the time. SOmething not being applicable to soldiers wearing armor isn’t exaclty a good reason to negate it for villagers, bandits, and less armored soldiers.

It isn’t even just limb severing, people seem to think barely any blood is realistic. Have you seen a video of someone with their throat slit, or head cut off? “Realism” would have them go much further than I think they’re going to in that regard.


I’ve also looked at the game Mordhau. That game has lots of gore and a very similar fighting style. It’s going to blow the game chivalry away. The only problem is it’s only multiplayer. I Love the single player aspect. But I find that the videos I’ve seen of Kingdome Come are not very realistic when it comes to blood. Granted hiring a person with armor on is protected but slash a present in the face and then stumble without a scratch is disappointing. As people said before when you hit someone with a weapon and see the damage it can cause it’s gives you a wow factor and really immerses you into the game further. You now know your holding a real weapon in the game and not some foam thing from last year’s LARP event at the local park where after enough hits they just lay down with some ketchup on their shirt. This makes me hesitate to spend $50 on somthing I might not feel totally immersed in and it’s an RPG, your supposed to me immersed completely. The medieval times was not sunshine and rainbows it was dirty and bloody. I believe the devs should look back at adding that realism wow factor even though it will take a long time to re develop but I think the final product would be so much more incredible with the added gore and dismemberment to NPCs with light or no Armor.
But on a side note I wish that Kingdom Come and Mordhau would make a medieval baby together. I could see that as being one of the most incredible games of the century.


No it wasn´t, its just common misconception :slight_smile: It was dirty and bloody during battle and in wars, but even then rest of the population was calmly working on their fields, drinking beer and making more children… Also, there is no reason to assume that those people didn´t like to be clean and fresh


This is going to be a very story driven game, and the main enemies in the game are Cumans if I’m not mistaken, and they’re well armoured. Why should the design an in depth gore system just for slaughtering villagers, when that is not the point of the game?

I’d say the current level is quite realistic, the blood gets trapped under the clothing and you can see it slowly seep through. The only thing i might add is blood pooling under the dead bodies. There honestly shouldn’t even be a blood spray when you hit people especially when they’re armoured.

Well obviously there’s going to be a lot of blood there, but as discussed in multiple threads decapitations on the battlefield were pretty rare. Slitting throats is reasonable, and i wouldn’t mind if the devs added more blood in that department,but i don’t think it’s going to be a huge part of the game.

Mordhaus gore is utterly absurd and is in no way realistic.


In depth? How? When you get a certain animation, something flies off, something spills out. Not exactly in depth. In depth would be if it were totally dynamic, not set animations. You’re in control of your character, they’ve said if you murder everyone in a village, eventually it will be repopulated. The idea of someone playing a psychopath has clearly been considered by them to the point of adding that feature, so I don’t buy the whole “When that isn’t the point of the game”. It’s an RPG, the point is up to you.

Sure, but this doesn’t address what I said about decapitation, and throat wounds. The human body has a lot of blood, if the argument is realism, then this should be considered.

It’s called detail, no single detail is a huge part of the game. You can argue that about adding any little feature. Rare doesn’t equal impossible, and again, you aren’t necessarily going to be focusing on the battlefield in terms of killing people. That’s up to you. Assuming that about the player isn’t a very “RPG” thing to do.