Bludgeon as a non-lethal weapon


I wanted to ask If it would be possible to change the bludgeon to non-lethal weapon. I wanted to go thru the game once again with no killing, but even the weakest and dull weapon - bludgeon - is lethal. All this means, that you have to fist fight everybody you encounter.

It would make my life a lot easier, if you could change that or add a new weapon with even worse stats, that would be non-lethal. The issue is, that I do not really mind the damage of the weapon / fists. But the combat with a weapon in hand feels a lot more refined and nicer to play.

Thank you

you hit a person not in some kind of padded armor like on the head with a stout piece of weighted wood your gonna have a good chance of a killing directly or indirectly (internal trauma). So No. Use your fists and a very high unarmed skill which can get leveling for from Fritz and some other NPC’s. and perks.

Have to say getting clubbed in the head is no joke. Definitely lights out, possibly fatal as longshot mentioned. The alternative would be to allow non lethal if we go for the body and stay away from the head for the final hit?

… and we will end with pitiful broken body lying on the ground … Shaking, moaning, but still conscious.

I’ve been hit across the backside of my head with a solid stick before and I went down instantly. Led to a concussion and a lot of disorientation. While yes, a bludgeon won’t kill outright most of the time, it DOES fucking hurt and you will not be getting up for a good while.

Mind, the difference between me getting hit versus hitting someone in game is that my opponent wasn’t trying to kill me, so the strength of their blow was far reduced versus what Henry would be dishing out.

Maybe a perk could be added to the mace combat skill and you have to strike the head.
If so I would expect it at a very high level because you must have some skill to deliver a non killing blow and beat the foe to unconsciousness not by accident.

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