Boars cant be killed


Went boar hunting to finish off quest for a tanner who needed 3 boar hides. After wasting close to 15 arrows I managed to hit the boar 4 times including 2 at short range. The boar just ran away with me chasing to trying to club it to death.


Honestly this one sounds more like a personal problem. Boars aren’t meant to be easily killed by arrows in the first place. Need to shank them.


Boars are hunted with spears, you literally told Lord Capon that, and now you forgot?
Seriously though, they have a lot of health, 4 or 5 arrows should do it with a decent bow and decent arrows.
If you have the Yew Longbow and the Better Piercing Arrows you can one-hit it.


Better hunting arrow , licht & dark cloth,s, huntsword

Can,t find one , not even at the boar seeing point :worried:


I straight up duel the boars with the tip of my blade. Works every time… :wink:


boars are not easy to find
at least for me… I have a feeling that the amount of animals/plants differs from player to player I dont know why that might be…
but I shot them with 2 arrows, so if you have good enough arrow/bow you can maybe even shoot them with 1 arrow


Its again pretty realistic i guess.
Go out and find a boar right now and try to kill it with a bow :grin:


Did you not pay attention to yourself when you went hunting with sir capon


It seems to me that, animals are generated in percentage. Same to the npc’s who want to arrest you for looting a dead body. It is all random and connected with a counter and percentage possibility.
But everything has his solid spawn point in the world. So no random spawn postions or locations.


With Strength 13, Agility 11, Cuman Bow (72 Power) and Better Hunting Arrow (80 stab damage, 1.1 power), I kill boars in 2-3 shots.

With Better Long-Distance Arrow (120 stab damage, 1.1 power), Better Piercing Arrow (150 stab damage, 0.9 power), and Wounding Arrow (115 slash damage, 1 power), I kill boars in 1 shot.

Boars are easy to find. Go to a Boar Hunting Ground in the daytime (they aren’t around in the night). Circle it a few times on horseback and usually a boar or a few pop up. Bonus points for killing the boar whilst on horseback and trotting/cantering.


Not a bug, initially, I couldn’t kill them with a bow either and ended up having to either use wounding arrows and let them die over time or just chase them around with a sword until they got stuck somewhere :slight_smile:

Now, with a Yew Longbow, plenty of strength and good arrows, they go down in 1 shot. Well worth the investment as you can butcher, cook and resell in a matter of minutes for almost 3K profit.


Um, I can reply without a doubt that it is in fact possible to kill a boar with a bow. Did it last night, with a Cuman bow and hunting arrows. Albeit, it did take a bunch arrows to down it, and a lot misses too, but it’s possible. The key is patience young padawan.


It’s easy when you’re strong enough and have enough archery experience. Early on though it can be a challenge




My archery level when I got my first boar kill last night was below level 5, with my bow arm swaying all over the place. What I did was before taking out my bow, tape a piece of paper with one of the corners right on the “reticule” that we all see without any weapons drawn to help me aim, since I’m on Xbox.


As others have said, it’s quite possible to kill boars in the game with arrows. At high level archery and good stats it really only takes one arrow.

Until that time, use them as the ultimate archery level up targets, as they do have large health pools.


Yes, I can relate to others, it is possible to kill boar with one arrow…I wasn’t even a high level, just took me a while to find one - after a while I found group of them while I was just wandering in woods around Sasau :wink: