Body changes for our character


Is there a feature suggestion thread?

I have a few suggestions.
I would love to see some physical changes with our character when we build certain attributes.
Str you get bigger muscles and taller.
Agility you have light body muscles but very defined muscles.
Vitality you look better with more color in your skin and eyes become more vibrant. More hair on your body. Defined muscles.
Speech you gain more weight and eyes look softer, skin more pale.

Some other related ideas. Poison makes you look sickly. Does that exist?

Finally a photo mode please. Let the beauty of this game fill our social lives!

Please tweak fellow middle age players! Thought about this because our character never really changes whole body.


Good Idea. My 2nd playthrough I was about 15 strength when taking on Runt. But you still see the skinny peasant Henry


Yeah also drinking and eating over time could increase vitality and your weight in very tiny amounts. This would work well with over eating buff put in there too.


I was actually thinking about the same thing. Although, when you can level everything up to the max it makes it difficult to balance how the player would change. For example, a person who is jacked usually won’t be the most agile person. However, a 20 strength Henry should look more like prime Arnold whereas a 20 agility Henry should look more like an athlete. However, how do you do both?

Speech should just affect how intelligent you sound in conversations. Lower speech and you sound kind of like a moron. High speech and you sound very intelligent.


It’s a good point but I think you can just balance. Agility would decrease muscle mass by a certain point and strength would decrease definition as well so eventually at max you’d have a calculation. Throw vitality in that calculation to take both away in smaller amounts.