Bow Training

I’ll forego whining about how hard it is to level bow skill; it is. Perhaps that is a good thing, but given how damn EASY it is to level certain other things it just seems a bit whacky . . .

Anyway . . . in my first normal play line I got up to Level 14 or so before shelving it and starting a hardcore play line, which is now also up to about Level 14. I enjoy playing a stealthy sniper in most all FPS games so naturally I have been shooting hundreds of arrows at bunnies (and the occasional cow or deer, but very few) and a couple rounds of Chumps. Finally got to Level 10 Bow, but I’d like to go ahead and get to level 12 to get one more perk before I finish the quest for Lady Stephanie.

I vaguely recalled finding one NPC Trainer who would train bow skill (maybe wishful thinking?). I just had a look on the internet, and several “game guide” sites list, Hunter Berthold in Rattay and Hunter Nicholas in Talmberg as bow trainers but in my game, they both only offer to train hunting. What gives? Was this something that was changed in a patch after release?

Was their no one in 1403 Bohemia with sufficient Bow Skill and a desire for coin to teach it to dirty peasant knights??

Damn, 37 views and not a single reply. I guess we are all equally mystified?

I asume you went huntig befor you have to go with Hans Capon - the Hunters will teach you after you save Hans from the Cumans

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Ahhhh! That explains it!

Cool. Good reason to actually DO the Main Quest! :smiley:

In the ~180 hours I’ve played in two playlines, I have never gone to talk to Lord Radzig :rofl:


By the way, did you also recognice not being able to train the defending skill befor following the Mainquest?

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That one is easy: run around and find a weakling bandit, block, block, block . . .

Shoot critters. Acquire a horse and then shoot hostile critters of the primate variety. Helping out guards in their battles against bandits and Cumans, reduces risk, develops archery skill and provides for relatively easy loot. Never really bothered to pay for now training

The bow seller in Rattay will level you up on bow skill (for groshen, of course) - same level requirements as any of the other trainers. This is the same guy that gives you the mockingbird side quest.

The archery contest in Rattay is IMO one of the most OP activities in the game you can do. Level bow skill while netting 140 groshen per master contest you win. I found even at level 1 bow skill with Hans’ bow I could win the Beginner contest and that nets you 20 G which at that level isn’t trivial either. In hardcore mode it’s the only way I’ve found to grind at low level effectively, since the other activities are so much more dangerous. Even unarmed training with Bernard sends me back to bed almost dead.

Winning the archery contests is not exactly easy at first, but it’s not that hard to get to a point where you’re at least breaking even on money, and in the meantime you’re leveling your bow skill!

For winning the archery contest, I’ve found a particular technique helpful. Bernard sort of talks about it in the ‘train hard’ quest, but it’s something that makes better intuitive sense than talking about it. I’ll try to describe it anyway. I use an Xbox exclusively, so I don’t know how different it is with other controller setups.

If you just start the archery contest, draw your bow, and start shooting, you will notice the drawing back of the bow brings your orientation into some sort of slow, swinging arc across the field of view. As the draw reaches its maximum, your stance, orientation, and maybe some other factors point your shot in a particular direction. Initially it won’t be on target at all. But if you were to stand in the exact same stance and orientation, and just to release your arrows at the same point in that ‘rhythm’ as the draw comes to its maximum, your arrows will be landing very close to the same spot each time you shoot. So if that spot happens to be the bulls eye, you are going to have good odds of continuing to hit the bulls eye.

The trick is - while shooting in this smooth rhythm, never stopping to aim - to coax the swing of the bow as it’s drawn back closer and closer to the bulls eye, and then to make minor adjustments to keep it on the bulls eye once it’s there. You can tell where to make your adjustments by keeping an eye on the target descriptor in the lower left corner, where your last shot shows how you may be drifting.

After probably dozens of hours doing this, I’ve even started to get a feel for exactly where (and whether) my shot was going to be on target as the bow drifts across that field of view. So you do develop better player skills with the bow as you’re doing this, even though I’ll fully admit I’m winning archery contests against NPCs who shoot waaaay better than I do.

The adjustments are all orientation adjustments, (right joystick), and they should be minor. You have to keep in the rhythm though, so you can’t stop to aim. Any shot you stop and bear down on takes you farther away from ‘dialing in’ to where you are just chaining one bullseye after another. I think that’s because bearing down at max draw with your bow sort of resets your stance, or maybe just sense of it. Whichever it is, if I do that I’m basically back to square one and have to start the whole ‘dialing in’ process again.

The game gives you this advantage, in that you will always get the bonus 3 points because (if you are using this technique) you will always finish first, and you win ties as well. In Master contests where it’s really a challenge, I keep my eye out for a ‘15/15’ arrows left/score. If I am ‘dialed in’ with 15 arrows left, and I have scored at least 15 points, I can’t lose unless I fumble and stop chaining bulls eyes. That’s because I have lost a maximum of 3 points off the perfect score, and because I will finish first, even if Berthold shoots a perfect round, all he can do is tie me.

So in two parts, it’s 1) Get dialed in and stay there - where it’s easy to chain bulls eyes (no aiming) and 2) Lose no more than 3 points off a perfect score while you are initially getting dialed in - and you can’t lose. If (1) isn’t happening maybe it’s time to take a break or go down a level in difficulty. But (2) is always interesting because it challenges your ability to predict where the draw arc is going to be. You have a chance before drawing back for the first shot to make an initial adjustment to your orientation. If you guess well, you might hit the bullseye and be dialed in from the first shot, and score a perfect round. If not, it may take you long enough to get ‘dialed in’ that you lose the contest.

Maybe more than you want to know about but it’s how I juice the archery contest.

You haven’t been to Ledetschko yet? :slight_smile:
Fist Fighting with Bernard: Use fast punches, right click

Oh sure, but I can’t juice Chumps for 2k G a day…

Have you tried training with Bernard in hardcore mode without any armor? He kicks the crap out of me. And since the only way really to heal is to sleep, that’s one training bout and then off to some troubled sleep for the next 12 hours. It’s awesome though. :wink:

combo training with Bernard should heal you too

In hardcore mode? Why would that heal me?

I believe the Fletcher in Rattay, who holds the contests, can increase your skill for coin…I saw a youtube video on the bow aiming reticle, this girl who’s blessed with logic and common sense placed a small piece of white tape over the aiming reticle on her screen then drew the bow and instant aiming reeticle, thought I would share that being it works like a charm, and I already got aiming down by shooting at trees for an hour at a time. I hope this saves someone a lot of time.

because combo training heals you in normal mode. I did not play hard mode yet. Just give it a trial :slight_smile

Alright next time I’m playing as Henry I’ll give it a try. (Right now I’m Theresa). In normal mode you heal more or less any time you’re not in combat as long as you have the Revenant perk. Maybe it’s that.

Hey it looks like combo training does heal me to 100% even in hardcore, thanks for the tip. Not sure how happy I am about it though, it does sort of break immersion. On the other hand training more than once a day sure is more efficient.

Playing chumps seems like the fastest way to level bow, seems like you can level after you win about 4 games.

and if u hit 18 or more, you will get a bonus xp once

when enemies run at you, run backwards and shoot them repeatedly big gains from that, except npc’s with pole arms theres a glitch where they run at you and teleport behind you then run through you and around you lol until you take out melee weapon then it straightens out lol wierd