Brigands in Kingdom Come

Ah, Cumans. They are so ahistorical. But this another topic.

No it is not. We didn´t put them in the game because we wanted to have a different enemy from europeans, but because the cumans were really there, fighting for Sigismund. The Cumans where fleeing from the Mongols lead by Batu Khan. In 1239 King Béla IV of Hungary allowed the Cumans to settle in his Kingdom and Fight for him against the Mongols and working as mercenaries for him, to have better controll about the nobles in his country. The later king Ladislaus IV of Hungary (known as Ladislaus the Cuman), even made the cuman influence in Hungary stronger, and in 1403 this Cuman tribes where still fighting as the personal guards for Sigismund, who was the king of Hungary at this time, and he used them to invade Bohemia. It is not just some idea we made up to have a cool enemy.
But this Cumans were no normads anymore. No specific horsemen. They had their own settlements, their own land and they were protected by the king in Hungary.

Well, Runt was only a small part of the entire group. He still had that bald guy who was in charge.

On your other points, brigands would draw less attention when the local lord is watching for Cumans. The promise of more pay and not being killed by the invading army would be reason enough for most to not betray Sigismund.
And you wouldn’t want to draw too much attention too yoursef for it would betray your current location. Yes people knew of the destruction of Silver Skalice. That doesn’t mean you want to announce your current location or goal to the world.

Sorry I didnt use the quotes, I’m on my phone.

So they wheren’t any longer pastoralists and did’t fight like native of the steppes?

Yes, exactly.

This means: "according to developers’ logic we should see European armor on cumans. In 150 years all armor inheritance of great-great-great-grandfathers should have reposed in graves together with their owners.
And one can clearly see on what most of cumans’ equipment bases on: Golden Horde XIV-XV centuries.

To some extend they still had their cuman culture, they where not fully assimilated at this time yet and they still where able to produce their own armor, like they did before. But in history they probably would look more european than they do in the game, yes. Their appearance is a bit outdated and old fashioned.

And there are also mistakes made with cumans’ equipment.
Detailed explanation:

Unfortuantely I don´t speak any russian :frowning:

I’ll try to translate as fast as possible to english. :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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Well yes, but we can´t make any major changes in the game anymore, so I highly doubt that it will influence the release version at all. And some “inaccuracies” of the armor are because of design decisions. Like no belt quivers for example, or less round breastplates for armor because of difficulties with the layering system.

Yeah, we understand, but this guy did a lot of researches about this, so… It’s might help in making some new games or etc… :wink:
P.S Modders can use this for making their immersion mods.

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So, I guess it’s up to modders to fix cumans now…

Yes, I know - the implementation of saydaqa in the game in first person is a pain in the ass. Especially when it is necessary to calculate its interaction with the surrounding objects and the motion and actions of the player. What can you do… But as for me, there is an option which you can try to implement in future games, but if the Studio has enough will power, you can never tell what might happen.
Ottoman miniatures 16-17 C. (this is an example) Hiking Janissaries often wear the bow on the shoulder. For example:

REMARK: I can’t put here the photo, cuz it’s was deleted.

Can also be worn with longbow. When using a bow it can be immediately transferred to the hand, and with contact clash thrown aside - that’s why I’m talking about the weapons system in which necessary items are raised or dropped/laid out, not constantly in the player. The issue with the quiver can be removed with an emphasis on a small number of arrows (but then I have to increase the “knockdown” - either to implement the idea of different damage to different ends) the player - they are all belt.
As here (in the case of West archer from a bow):

Or here (in the case of East archer) - two in blue in the right part of the composition.
By the way a very good miniature - we’ll come back to it when we discuss the armor.
The idea of using the small number of arrows clearly visible to yourself and to the European miniature with hunting motifs. And autstralia all the arrows the player can pick up - if you find in the grass (mod bright arrows to search for in the grass - just like in life).
No quiver and naluca - no difference between East and West arrows. Only different bows. That pretty well fits into the game concept. We only need to consider what to do with the arrows on arrival in the village, i.e. how to make the mechanism of their removal. And that’s all.

P.S Sorry, if i did some mistakes, cuz my level of english not that much good. :sweat_smile:

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Thant was quick. Thank you.

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No problem. :smile: :ok_hand:

Inspiration for cumans comes from Eastern Europe. For example:

Compare to this helmet:

This is so-called Helmet of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich. Type IV by Kirpichnikov.
First problem: This helmets were not in use by XV century.
Second: None of this were found in Hungary.
Third: these helmets were used by nobility and richly decorated and gilded. In game this helmet looks too simple.
Fourth: these helmets always had a yalovets to hang a ribbon or other decorations.
Fifth: all seams were hidden.

So maybe Cumans should not wear helmets then?
You know that most of the time only the nice and fancy helmets survived because people recycled the simple and ugly ones? There were simple helmets of this type used by Cumans.
Du you know that Cuman helmets where found in Ukraine and that parts of nowadays Ukraine were actually part of Hungary in 1403? It is not as far away as you probably think.

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Such helmets were used by the NOBILITY.
Type IV were actually “fancy” ones.

It’s part of our nature. We keep only what looks good and what can sell more expensive, but everything else, that looks unattractive - we throw away and forget about it. :thinking:
In any case, everything already done in the game and it’s already too late. :wink: The developers had to compromise in some aspects. For example: layers of clothing; Sword fight; Horses and blacksmithing…

P. S Not all are possible to implement in the game for such a period. The same horse with AI(artificial intelligence).