Bring HC mode features into Normal mode


I like Hardcore mode but I don’t like some of its features - namely no autosaving, no fast travel and negative perks. So I decided I create myself a mod that makes Normal like Hardcore but without those things.

I copied/edited values from perk_rpg_param_override.xml into rpg_param.xml, used mod to remove HUD and GPS player marker.
Are there any other (xml) files that make HC different from Normal? Thx


Stash contents for ‘in the wild’ treasures.


I recently started HCM and I also miss those saves cause I always forget to save manually, not that I miss it so much, I am not save scumming. missing Fast travel is annoying only at start without horse, later will be good, I like horse riding in this game. When I first played game on NM, I picked all the herbs I found when I walked, soon I stopped with that, cause I levelled up so much and had over encumbered often while those herbs weren’t even so worth as the loot I found. I don’t get why you don’t like negative perks, you do have to pick only two, I play with all and its not so bad, only need to care about my Henry more and not jump of the cliffs.


The main reason I don’t play HC is in the absence of haptics you have minimal feedback on weapon orientation at night &/or with a visor.

Not knowing where my hands are is not a problem I face when practicing swordsmanship IRL.

Now, I can see an argument for reducing the contrast/opacity a bit (in general), and for suppressing the parry icon… but the combat star (in some form) is necessary to provide even part of the awareness of position and cutting lines which come naturally as you move IRL.

The rest isn’t significantly different to how I routinely play (no fast travel, majority of saves by daily cycle), and the removal of much of the ‘high end’ loot from random stashes in the wilds is a definite improvement, which I may well mod into my standard mode play, along with even more economy rebalancing tweaks.


i find the combat indicator really fucks with your ability to fight
its often not properly synced with where your hands actually are and can end up making you swing from directions you didnt put in the inputs for
once i started playing on hardcore i really found combat easier


I get it in a way… I once tried to record the borders of the game, it took me little above 1 hour (the video got corrupted), it got dark and I was in the middle of forest and I felt lost cause I did not look on the map, only copied the “line” of border. I was in NM. It is like losing ability to point your finger to your nose without seeing, you just feel the balance in your ear and move certain way so that is missing in the game and I am yet to find out if I will enjoy the HCM in later game (Runt).


I also find out blocking without indicator easier :smiley:

Ok, I guess I can start HC anyway and just throw in some economy balance mod. I probably pick tapeworm and numbskull, as I am afraid to level fast and get OP late game


I strongly recomend picking the Sonambulant. It triggers when Henry wakes up between 6 and 8 AM.
I actualy play HM with all negperks and hud off (pop-ups are there only) since it came out and while reading this topic caught myself on not remembering how NM looks like :smile:


Hm, reading some posts it seems that numbskull is too grindy. I was hoping that it makes leveling like 25% slower or so. During my 15 hours on NM I found leveling a little too fast, like every fight I gained something.
I’ll check if there is an easy way to mod it


numbskull is only a bitch for stats like speech and warfare that level up slower than the rest anyways. you dont really notice the perk on other stats


Sonambulant is by far my favorite (anti)pork. In NM, I’d have to get passed out drunk for the same effect. I love trying to figure out where I’m at in HCM :crazy_face: