Bug Broke Band of Bastards?

After reporting to Radzig that Hagen has issued a challenge for him, I left to go start the second part of the Band of Bastards story. Except when I arrive at the camp I notice only Stephan is back at the camp. So I backtracked to the place the bandits, during Bad Blood, had taken off with their loot to find Kuno and the other still sitting around. (They are sat around the area the loot was being divided up by the raiders that I, optionally, tracked down and fought alongside the Band.)
I tried speaking to Kuno, but I can only ask him to tell me more about himself (Which I had already done.). He just stands leaning against a pile of the loot though.

Does anyone happen to know how to fix this bug, if there even is one, or if they have experienced the bug themselves?
I was getting a bit excited to explore the story of this DLC, but I’m hoping I don’t want to have to reload an old save and try to traverse the bug itself.

How long did you wait at the camp for Kuno to arrive? It took the rest of the day for them to get back for me. Waited a while then went to sleep.When Henry woke up they were there.