[Bug] Henry forgets some facts during the "Besmirched" quest

It seems due to branchy nature of the “Besmirched” quest in some cases Hanry forgets some facts he been told in dialogs. For instance he forgets whom Tonchek sold the Adam’s family cross.

This is not a critical or a quest-breaking issue, but it totally breaks the immersion.

There is really no point in having an awesome multi-branch investigative quest that is partially broken at the same time. So please check this report and fix the quest.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Take the the “Besmirched” quest from Andrew at the Inn in the Glade
  • Go to Rattay
  • Talk to Adam
  • Find out from him about the stolen things:
    • groschen
    • a new kettle
    • Adam’s family cross
  • Go back the Inn in the Glade
  • Inform the innkeeper Andrew about the stolen things (choose “I asked Adam about the theft”)
  • Andrew will give a precise descritrion of Adam’s family cross
  • Andrew will also tell that some charcoal-burner from Rovna came and tried to sell him that cross
  • Persuade Andrew to tell what was the charcoal-burner’s name
  • Andrew will tell you it was Tonchek
  • Go to “Charcoal kilns of Rovna” camp
  • Find Tonchek
  • Talk to him
  • Say you’d buy the cross from him (choose “I want to buy it”)
  • [!] Tonchek will answer that he sold it to Andrew
  • Now examine the new kettle near the Tonchek’s hut
  • Talk to Tonchek again
  • Ask him about the new kettle (choose “Nice kettle”)
  • Succeed in intimidation attempt (choose “You stole that kettle from Skalitz!”)
  • Tonchek will tell you about the stash in the rotten tree
  • Find the charcoal-burner’s stash
  • Take the “Charcoal-burner’s loot” item from the stash
  • The description of this item says it’s “…full of groschen, but contains no jewels”
  • After this moment the bugged behavior takes place

Bugged behavior:

  • Talk to Tonchek once again
  • Ask him about the cross (choose “Where’s the cross?”)
  • [!] Henry will ask it like he is absolutely not aware whom Tonchek sold the cross to
  • [!] Tonchek will again answer that he sold it to Andrew

Why this is a bug:

Henry was already explicitly told by Tonchek that he sold the cross to Andrew at the Inn in the Glade, but Henry acts like he does not know anything about this fact.

Fix suggestion:

Add a new condition on order to prevent option of asking Tonchek about Adam’s family cross once again from appearing, if Henry was already told by Tonchek whom the cross was sold to.

Additional thoughts:

In some cases (quite often), later in this quest, if you try to buy Adam’s family cross from Andrew, you are paying some money to him, but the cross does not appear it your inventory after that.

Also there is, unfortunately, no option to question neither Tonchek, nor other charcoal-burners, if you already found the stash near their camp (just by surveying the area) and took the “Charcoal-burner’s loot” item from it.

It is also odd, there is no option (except by finding and examining the new kettle) to make Tonchek confesses about the loot (groschen) he took from Adam’s tavern and hide in the stash, even if we successfully intimidated him to confess about selling Adam’s family cross to Andrew before.


1 - Quest log before talking to Tonchek

2 - Talking to Tonchek for the first time

3 - Choosing “I want to buy it” option

4 - Tonchek confesses he sold the cross to Andrew

5 - Now let’s examine (“use”) the new kettle near the Tonchek’s hut

6 - Talking to Tonchek the second time: choosing “Nice kettle” option

7 - And then the intimidation attempt option

8 - After successful intimidation Tonchek’s confesses that he is hiding the loot in the stash nearby

9 - Taking the “Charcoal-burner’s loot” from the stash

10 - “Charcoal-burner’s loot” description

11 - Now Henry can AGAIN ask Tonchek about the cross

12 - Henry acts LIKE HE DOES NOT KNOW whom Tonchek sold the cross

13 - Tonchek is once AGAIN telling Henry he sold the cross to Andrew

Game version:

1.8.2, PC, GOG-version


This is a very good and useful bug report. I think you should direct it together with the screenshots and the save file to support@kingdomcomerpg.com

I’d send them an email with a link to this topic.

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