[Bug] Henry is able "lie" to Fritz and Matthew that he helps the Bailiff in Rattay

I found myself in a situation when Henry, while talking to Matthew and Fritz in Sasau, had a dialog option that he did not suppose to have.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start the “Awakening” quest
  • Do not go to report Sir Radzig Kobyla about the his sword
  • Do not enter Pirkstein castle
  • Do not enter Rattay gates at all
  • Go straight to Sasau
  • Find Matthew and Fritz hanging around the inn gates
  • Start a conversation with them
  • Say you are happy to see them alive
  • After this moment the bugged behavior start

Bugged behavior:

Вespite the fact Henry never come to meet the Bailiff in Rattay and did not enter Rattay at all, he is able to tell Matthew and Fritz that hi is currently “helping the Bailiff in Rattay”.

1 - Quest log before starting the dialog

2 - Question

3 - Answer options that allows Henry to “lie”

Why this is a bug:

Obviously Henry is not currently in the service of the Bailiff of Rattay and that dialog to Matthew and Fritz should exclude the “I’m helping the Bailiff in Rattay” option so far.

Fix suggestion:

Make sure the conditions for this dialog options work as they should do. Optionally, make Henry to automatically answer “I’m getting by” if there is not other answer options in this dialog step.

Game version:



https://yadi.sk/d/rEt4EizlVEigNQ - saved before talking to Matthew and Fritz in Sasau inn