[Bug] Henry is "missing" on the screen in the dialog to Sir Hans at the end of Night Raid quest


The dialog at end of “Night Raid” quest looks the strange way.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Start the “Night Raid” quest
  • Go through it the normal way (follow Sir Hans)
  • Escape the castle wall with unconscious Hans Capon
  • *After this moment the bugged behavior takes place

Bugged behavior:

By some reason Henry is missing on the screen while talking to Sir Hans Capon after they manage to get out the battlements of Talmberg at the final part of the “Night Raid” quest.

1 -The is no Henry of the screen while he is talking to Sir Hans

Game version:


Additional info:

The very same glitch still persists for other people too: https://youtu.be/NMnMLZO-PhY?t=1275