[Bug] Location "Burned-out farm" is totally empty unless you start the Band of Bastards DLC

If you will try to visit the farm between the windmill and the “Inn In The Glade” before starting the Band of Bastards DLC you will find that its building are completely empty inside.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Make sure the in-game story is currently between the moment you started the “Awakening” quest and picked up the “Band of Bastards” quest
  • Go to the farm between the windmill and “Inn In The Glade”
  • Try to explore both houses at the farm (having a lockpick is required)
  • After this moment the bugged behavior starts

Bugged behavior:

First, when you first time get close to the farm you will get a “You discovered a burned-out farm” notification, which does not represent the current stated of the farm

1 - Location

2 - Misleading “You discovered a burned-out farm” notification, while the farm is in one piece

Second, when you will get inside of those farm houses you will realize they are both completely empty inside.

1 - Nothing

2 - Still nothing

2 - More of nothing

4 - And even trespassing into nothing

Why this is a bug:

As a player a was upset to see a few of totally desolated buildings, that were definitely in okey state before patch 1.8.1 and the “Band of Bastards” DLC came out.

Fix suggestion:

Apply the proper state for this location (furniture and stuff), same as it was before patch 1.8.1, and keep this location in that state until player triggers his visit to this farm during his first patrol with “Band of Bastards”. Same goes for misleading notification - hide it until proper time comes.

Game version:


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Was wondering what that was …

Played the game fully, came back, and fell on that place. Thought, oh well, never rode by here before I guess. I ignored the place, but yes it claims I found a burnt down farm… Looks fine to me.

For laughs, I also shot about 35 arrows at the nest there… to no avail.