[Bug] Miller Peshek can rat you out to Rattay guards for theft


Miller Peshek is known as a member of the “Thieves Guild” of KCD, so to speak, but he is willing to rat you out to Rattay guards, if he sees you stealing literally anything.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to the Rattay mill
  • Make sure you have anything marked as “stolen” on you
  • Drop that item on the ground in front of Miller Peshek
  • Pick it up (“steal” it)
  • After this moment the bugged behavior takes place

Bugged behavior:

Instead of doing nothing miller Peshek runs up to the Rattay screaming “Guards, I see a thief!”.

1 - Come to Peshek and drop the stolen bandage

2 - Pick it up (“steal” it)

3 - Peshek now runs up to Rattay to rat you out

4 - After he gets to the guards you get a fine for theft

5 - Guards come to check the “scene of the crime” at the mill

6 - And, finally, they catch you out

Why this is a bug:

Obviously, due to his shady business, miller Peshek does not want any guards to come to his mill to investigate, so should not go anywhere to report on you.

Fix suggestion:

Maybe make Peshek not to react to player picking up stolen things from the ground? Or may be he should make a sarcastic commentary like “Stealing the stolen, eh?..”? But, still, he should be able to react to player’s attempts for picking the locks at his farm. Anyway, he, obviously, should not call the guards on you, after all.

Game version:


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This has never happened to me, but I only sell stolen goods to him, not drop them on the ground within his line of sight. However, he did run for the guards after I was trying to pickpocket him during a training session. I just kept trying repeatedly and failing, then he suddenly bugs out and goes running toward Rattay screaming “Guards, there’s a pickpocket over here!”. And Theresa did rat on me after catching me trying to lockpick the chest at the mill where your bed is (not the chest you store your stuff in, but it’s in the same room).

I would agree, this should be considered a bug, due to Peshek’s shady nature, he should just be reprogrammed to ignore you. But if you, say, kill/assault someone, then he should still be able to report that. Low chance of him seeing that happening though, since he never leaves the mill, and neither he nor Theresa can be attacked in any way.

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