Bug: needle in a haystack

The blood I ordered in the kitchen is never delivered. Without it, Antonius does not reply when I tell him, that I’m ready to leave. Then the only option is to kill him (silently), the quest and the quest "Poverty, Chastity and Obedience " are marked completed, but the messages regarding the monastery timetable (go to the church to pray, etc.) keep popping up.

I have the same problem I’ve tried everything but every time I check in the morning there’s no goats blood so frustrating. No sure what to do ?

it takes some time to deliver maybe 1-2 days
the blood should be on the same position where the letter was
the notifications of the monastery quest seems bugged

Right ok I’ll check every morning. Been in this monastery so long don’t even need to check my daily labours. God be praised.
Thank you