BUG: Pulled off my horse after arrow shot from 200m away from enemy

Every single time I encounter a group in the wild, as soon as I fire an arrow, the horse rears up and I’m thrown off
even though I am 100m to 200m from the enemy. I’ve been getting further back trying to get them to attack, but
as soon as this happens, they teleport to me, then I’m surrounded by 5 guys and I can’t get up cause I’m getting hit. How
is this gameplay? This is my 5th play through and every other time it’s never been like this. There’s no mods installed, so this is
native to the game. Given the save system, not having any potions to save, I have to go through this over and over. Last time took me 10 tries to get past this lot as I was hacked to death before I could do a thing, even though they were just peasants.

THIS IS NOT FUN!!! Fix it please!

Nice to see the support here has falledn through the floor to zero support! Not buying your games again!

What is the courage of your horse? Low courage means your horse will easily dump you and bolt.

As mentioned, not a bug. Also, the final version of the game has been released. There will be no updates.