Bug report: The shirt you get from Stephanie disappeared from my inventory


So before you say “maybe you sold it accidentally” at first i thought the same but i tried to reload a lot of saves and it was still gone from my inventory, i even reloaded the save that happens right after you complete the quest and get the shirt. Guess what it was still gone from my inventory, the only way i could get it again was if i reloaded a save from before i completed the quest and then complete it again, and that save is atleast 6 hours back so no thanks. I’ve tried to locate the so called “lost and found” chest that they introduced in patch 1.5 but i can’t find it

Anyone who have experienced something similar? anyone who knows how to fix this? or anyone who knows how to just spawn the item again with a console?


I have armor that is missing from my chest that I got early on. I think it removed it when they patched out the chest I got it from. Although 3 or 4 pieces remain in my chest from the same chest. Will have to check on the shirt next time I am in a town.


This just happened to me too. This bug from half a year ago still exists.