Bug Weather


Hello! I have a question for you: it’s about the weather of Kingdom Come Deliverance. Start the mission that is clear with a beautiful sun, except for the game. I close the game and then start the game where I saved and I find the weather changed from the sun to the rain. Damn rain. It rains, it rains and it rains. It becomes annoying. Maybe it’s just my impression but there’s also the fact that during the “Questions and Answers” mission, I’m in the village where there’s the plague. I have to help a woman bury her dead husband. Even in this precise case, with each rescue, I see the dead in the different positions on the bed. Very very light problems. But I was interested in knowing the question of rain if you, too, give me problems during the bailouts. What do you think?

Furthermore, I am a medieval historical re-enactor. Have you had any experience participating in medieval events?
Work experience as an appearance in the film: “Benedetta” by the director Paul Verhoeven (year 2018), but also in the annual event: “Assault on the Gradara Castle 1446”, broadcast on social networks and television network.
Immortalizing in a photo shoot “The stones of the medieval villages perched on the hills, recounting the ancient wars that I lived in different ways, with different names but it was always me”

I repeat, I do not want to underline this question as a mistake or criticism of medieval simulation and indeed many problems have been corrected since the release of this important historical project. Beautiful in every detail and continuous in the various missions. Good game to all of you!
A very small tip: let’s live History, valuing the art and the beauties that we find in the cities such as Florence, Spoleto, traveling from England to the exploration of European nations, along the roads of the Roman Empire and its eagles.

Ps (I apologize for English. The translation was done with google translator. I only know my mother tongue: Italian.)



everyone is aware of the weather problems but nobody seems to care. this has been the number 1 most noticeable glitch in the game since launch and dev team ignores it with every patch. its really strange, it doesn’t seem like something that would be difficult to patch. I just disabled all the rain in my game using mods. don’t count on ever getting a fix.



Thank you very much for your explanation of the “weather”!